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How Effective Are QR Codes?

About 72% of smart phone users say they would be likely to recall an advertisement that contained a QR code, according to a recent study by Baltimore advertising agency MGH. Of course, that’s just people who own smart phones, which is only a fraction of the overall population (about 27% according to Comscore).

Recalling an ad with a QR code in it is one thing. Actually using the barcode is quite another. According to the survey, only 32% of smart phone users say they’ve used a QR code. Of those that have, they tend to use them to enter contests or to access extra information or other content.

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In short, this data shows that: (1) consumers are interested in interacting with advertising that bears a QR code – thus, the promise of additional benefits in the form of deals, coupons, videos, sweepstakes, social media interactions, etc.; and (2) QR codes can help an ad break through the clutter by increasing the chance it will be remembered, great news for advertisers who  have already integrated a QR code strategy into a traditional advertising campaign or are looking to insert them in a future campaign.

QR Code Survey Results and Executive Summary via mghus


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