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Is Google trying to sell a phone or cuff jeans and hipster swagger with the Nexus S commercial video?

I’m sure you have heard by now that Google has announced the Google Nexus S mobile phone. The Nexus S is Google’s upgrade from the Nexus 1 and they’re marketing the phone as “Pure Google”. To help promote the Nexus S phone Google just posted a new commercial / Ad on Youtube. You can watch it below.

In comparison, watch Apple’s latest iPhone 4 Longer commercial. Just like Apple’s iPad commercials they are simple to the point and shows features that matter.

While looking at the Google Nexus S phone commercial I’m trying to relate the phone features, to the various colors of cuff jean (are those jams too) along with various actions the person is doing while holding the Nexus S phone. Google which is known for it’s simple search bar, should keep it simple when it comes to mobile phone videos IMHO.

A few weeks ago I was having a debate about what is a hipster, should I wear cuff jeans or not using instagram and twitter for feedback. After watching the Nexus S video I’m not sure if I want to touch a Nexus S because it’s looks like I’m not hipster enough to own one. But I don’t think Google is trying to sell the phone to my demographic anyway… #justsayin

Are cuffs for jeans in style?

I will say, the website for the Nexus S is clean and simple. Good job Google.

Nexus S – The new Android phone from Google

Tip: Watch Google’s Disorienting Hipster Ad For The Nexus S via

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