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Guy makes giant QR Code that you can see from space and Google Earth captured it

Hat tip to 2D code blog for posting about the giant 625 sq ft QR Code that Eric Rice is making in his drive way. Eric is calling the QR Code project “nerdscaping”. I assume that means “nerd landscaping”. Although the QR code is not finished it looks like Google flew over his house and grabbed a picture of it. Eric tweeted the following yesterday.

IT WORKS! Google flew over my house, photographing my barcode driveway from 423 miles up (before it was finished) #QRCODETue Sep 28 02:28:09 via Tweetie for Mac

Here’s what a photo a what Google captured.

Lookie, lookie, a QR Code... from space! photo By Eric Rice

I’m already asking myself, now why didn’t I think of that.


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Would you build a giant QR Code in your yard? Do you see more people using QR Codes?

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