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First Book of 2015 is Die Empty by Toddy Henry

die empty book

As I reflect on 2014 if there was one task I could do better in or more of it was to read more books. Therefore kicking off 2015 the first book I’m reading is “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. “Die Empty” is a book about how to “unleash your best work every day”. At least that’s what to cover says. I’m currently at chapter 4 and enjoying the book so far.

A couple of quotes/topics that have stuck with me has been the following:

Todd groups work into three groups; Mapping, Making and Meshing.
Quote/Question to ask yourself: “Can I lay my head down tonight satisfied with the work I did today”
Quote: When you stop growing, you are dying

die empty book

I follow-up with a recap post when I’m done.

What is your first book of 2015?