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8 recent examples of using QR Codes for marketing and/or brand awareness

It seems that QR Codes are finally catching on in the USA. The geeks have been screaming about QR codes and talking about how cool they are for years and if you find the right geek you might even receive a business card with a QR code on it. QR which stands for “Quick Response” was created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code). QR codes are huge overseas and are used in various ways such as purchasing products to check-in users to locations

QR Codes recently have become a hot subject for marketing agencies and social media practitioners looking to stand out from everyone else to do something creative, cool and new. In the last two weeks, in at least four of my meetings QR Codes have been a topic of discussion and implementation. If you’re wondering what are my plans are for QR Codes, lets just say that QR Codes are going to be a huge asset moving forward in the development of @TriOut. For a hint read the blog post here: TriOut v2 Dev Journal: User Interface. Also QR Codes are going to play a role with Neogence, a NC startup that I’m doing some consulting with.

calvin klein jeans qr

But for now, it seems that New York is becoming the testing grounds for QR Codes with the recent Calvin Klein Get It Uncensored campaign where Calvin Klein replaced what some would call a “racy” photo with a giant QR Code. If you scanned the Calvin Klein QR Code it would take you to a Calvin Klein “racy” movie. Video is better than photos right? Also in New York the Department of Sanitation are featuring QR Codes on 2,200 NYC sanitation trucks linking to a “How to Recycle” Video Created by Howcast. I’m not sure when you’re going to be close enough to a sanitation truck to scan the QR Code or why you would want to but it could be a New York thing but I give them an A- for trying to be creative with QR Codes and sanitation education. If you’re looking for other examples of brands, agencies and/or companies using QR Codes here are 8 recent example of using QR Codes for marketing and/or brand awareness.


Tissot Watches Utilizing QR Codes and Augmented Reality

Danica Patrick QR Code Scan

QRious Wallpaper By Rollout Inspired By QR Codes
QRious Wallpaper By Rollout Inspired By QR Codes

QR Codes Used to Help Clean Up the Gulf
QR Codes Used to Help Clean Up the Gulf

Verizon_QR_codes(1).JPG (1024×765)
Verizon “Droid” Posters Feature QR Codes

denim_code.jpg (400×318)
Recycled Fashion Embraces QR Technology

Taking QR Codes to the next level (visually) | johnrhopkins
Taking QR Codes to the next level (visually)

Tissot Models Wearing QR Code Shirts at MotoGP Race


Is it just me or does it seem like agencies are linking QR Codes and women together a lot? #Justsayin

Have you seen any recent examples of QR Codes used for marketing or do you have plans to use QR Codes with your future projects?


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