Google News: 7 recent updates made by Google to make the web a better place for you & me…

Over the past few months a lot of news about how the social web is growing up / changing right before our computer screens has been about social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and the  online video war between HTML 5 vs Flash vs Apple vs Adobe as a video experience for users. Not to be left out in the cold earlier this year Google launched Google Buzz with somewhat of a warm yet controversial welcome due to email privacy and public contacts concerns.  Since then the little search engine giant that could, Google has announced a few updates for their line of products. In case you missed [...]

Google sent me a Valentine’s Day Card

Just in time for Valentine's Day Google mailed out some Google Adsense Valentine's Day cards. Aww sweet.

One of the messages on the card says, "Because nothing says I love you like free traffic like free traffic to your website." The card also have an offer for $100 free Google Adwords and the other message says, "We want to overload your servers." Take a look.

Thanks Google, Happy Valentine's Day to you and the AdWords team too.

What are your business content goals for 2010?

It's the first day back to work in 2010 for most of the world and I'm sure you have already seen plenty of blog post already on new year resolutions and more, but this is not one of them. On January 1st I tweeted "1 of my major goals for 2010 is to produce better content which included blog post, videos & podcast that leads to business & new relationships. Also not included in the tweet is to "engage" more with industry colleagues and potential clients through commenting and offline networking events.

My primary content channels are:
Twitter: @WayneSutton [...]

Looking for iPhone news? There are plenty of blogs for that. is no more.

Back in June of 2007 I had this grand idea of launching an iPhone blog called The RTP part was for Research Triangle Park, NC. Meaning the blog was going to be about iPhone users and apps from the area, along with general iPhone and iPhone app news. Since the launched of the iPhone I have published over 255 post and have covered various local Apple events such the original iPhone launch in 2007, along with the iPhone 3Gs launch in 2009. Other blog entries included featuring iPhone wallpapers, tips and iPhone app video reviews.

For the readers of I want [...]

Blog Updates: Making your WordPress blog more Social

Usually on weekends I'm going through my email and trying to reach inbox zero before Monday morning but last night I decided needed a few updates. My primarily goals of updating was to make it faster, remove WordPress plugins I didn't need and add social engagement. While adding a few social engagement features I may not have reached my goal of speeding up the load time but I'm hoping WP Super Cache will handle the rest. Either way, here's what I done to to make it more social.

1. Wibiya toolbar

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most [...]

BlogWorld Notes: State of the Blogosphere keynote by Richard Jalichandra @jalichandra CEO of technorati @blogworld #bwe09

BlogWorld Notes: State of the Blogosphere keynote by Richard Jalichandra @jalichandra @blogworld #bwe09
Keynote link:

The state of the blogosphere is strong
The blogosphere is not dying or leveling off but thriving
Blogging is becoming mainstream
Mainstream is using blogging platforms and writing style
Blogs are media

Professional bloggers are keeping the blogosphere strong

Hobbyist - 72%
Professionals 28%
Professional Self-Employed
Professional Corporate
blog full-time for a company

Who are the professional [...]

@blogactionday blog action day 2009: climate change

If you're anywhere near the blogosphere today then I'm sure you know today is Blog Action Day and this year's topic is climate change. I'm currently at Blog World Expo and I honestly I'm not a climate change "expert" so I wanted to highlight a few blogs that have already posted about climate change.