Barrack Obama Silicon Valley tech supper with the stars. Where was the diversity?

Last week a post called "Startup America needs to look more like America" by Kalimah Priforce that was reposted on Quora fired up a debate between some noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist and other startups founders. The post led to a follow up post by Kalimah called "MAKING HISTORY | WILL SUPER ANGELS & TECH MAVENS CLOSE THE MINORITY-LED STARTUP GAP?. The debate and conversations were also continued on HackerNews. In other words, it's a touchy subject.

Yesterday President Barrack Obama held what the various blogs are calling "tech supper with the stars" and the White House released a [...]

The Verizon CDMA hotspot iPhone 4 is finally here, available on February 10

The Verizon iPhone is here! Announced on 1.11.11 in New York by Tim Cook and Lowell McAdam. The CDMA Verizon iPhone will be available for sale on February 10 not February 3 as some technology blogs predicated but the February 3 date is for pre-orders for existing Verizon customers online. The Verizon iPhone will cost $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB with a mobile hotspot included for up to 5 devices but they did not release information on monthly pricing. Also during the event, they would not release information about will the iPhone update every year or when the LTE iPhone be for sale on [...]

The Verizon iPhone announcement better happen on 1.11.11 or all heck is going to break lose.

As I've been in the technology space for over 12 years one thing I'm tired of is all of the technology rumors. One of the most hyped rumors of all time is when or if Verizon will start selling the iPhone. Just do a Google Blog Search for "verizon iphone" and I'm sure between all the tech blogs and the AT&T users who want to switch to Verizon or the Verizon users who want the iPhone everyone is saying finally or will they?

Come Tuesday, January 11, 11:00 A.M., also known as 1.11.11. Verizon is to make an announcement in New York. Verizon has sent out the following non transferable [...]

infographic – Apple’s iPhone history and specifications

As some of you know I'm a big fan of the iPhone. I have purchased ever version of the iPhone from the first generation to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is by far the best smartphone in the world (IMHO) because of the battery life, usability, the camera, the shape and access to the app store.

The infographic below by Website Monitoring Blog gives you a history along with facts and figures about Apple's much beloved iPhone.

via: iPhone Facts and Figures (history & specs) | Website Monitoring Blog.