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Attending The 2012 Y Combinator Startup School at Stanford

startup school

Last year I was sitting at my desk in North Carolina watching Ron Conway Partner, SV Angel give his list of what he calls defining entrepreneurs at Startup School 2011. In his list Ron mentioned Jack Dorsey, Dennis Crowley and more. Ron along with other successful founders such as Drew Houston, Founder of Box, Stephen Cohen, founder of Palantir, Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Automattic, and of course Paul Grahman spoke at the event. My favorite talk in terms of value was Drew’s.

I applied last year to attend Startup School but wasn’t accepted. Yes, if you didn’t know Startup School is an invite only free one-day event held at Stanford. As you can see Startup School features a list of experts speaking about startups from their own experience. The 2012 list of Startup School Speakers include the following:

Patrick Collison
Founder, Stripe

Ron Conway
Partner, SV Angel

Ben Horowitz
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Founder, Opsware

Travis Kalanick
Founder, Uber

Jessica Livingston
Partner, Y Combinator

Hiroshi Mikitani
Founder, Rakuten

Tom Preston-Werner
Founder, GitHub

David Rusenko
Founder, Weebly

Ben Silbermann
Founder, Pinterest

Joel Spolsky
Founder, StackExchange, Fog Creek Software

Mark Zuckerberg
Founder, Facebook

This year now a San Francisco resident, I’ll be attending Startup School. I’m excited to learn from a great list of successful founders along with networking with other Startup School attendees at Stanford. Last year Startup School was live streamed online and if you have a chance to watch I recommend you do so. I’ll share my Startup School experience here on this blog and have a goal of one day be invited to speak at Startup School.

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