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Archiving my Tweets from 2010-05-08

  • @JeffsNation I heard you did a great job today at St. Augustine graduation. Would like to meetup the next time you're in NC or if I'm in DC. #
  • @sprint_coach21 @darrenpereira @KarlSakas picked up some sugar wafers & chips ahoy, trying not to eat before dinner πŸ™‚ in reply to sprint_coach21 #
  • Haven't eaten all day… only had a cup of coffee at 9am and that's it. Stepping away from the CPU. Enjoy your Saturday. #hungry #
  • @BrianR @lawpower @nlj it's a big mix. I think it's a hot topic but we'll see how far it goes, now that everyone is watching FB closer in reply to BrianR #
  • Oh, I didn't say it. The Facebook tweet was in quotes from the @alleyinsider post -> cc: @RobRuchte in reply to RobRuchte #
  • Do you agree? "complaining you're hearing is not from real users. It's just noise from β€œmedia, organizations and officials.” Ref. @Facebook #
  • Question/Answer p2: Stats are showing some fun apps with virtual goods are booming with millions of users vs "some" other valuable apps #
  • Question: Would you use a service/app more if it was fun like "angry birds" or valuable where you received real world prizes/coupons/money? #
  • @greggvm lol, true but I think you need to learn from the Jedi master @lawpower on @TriOut4biz demos. His force is stronger than mine. in reply to greggvm #
  • RT @ncsulilwolf Had a great meeting session with @waynesutton this morning and it's official: @triout is my new favorite for location-based! #
  • RT @iFroggy: Parents: Instead of Banning Your Kids from Social Networks, Consider Teaching Responsible Usage: / Preach! #
  • Finished a Sat. morning #TFB demo. @TriOut4biz @greggvm I tried to tunnel the @lawpower force. Good times ahead πŸ™‚ #
  • RT @louisgray: New Blog Post: Why I am Using Google Buzz as An Alternative to Facebook #
  • I'm on my way to Cafe Helios – /cc @cafehelios #TriOut #
  • RT @AppleInsider | Apple developing Flash alternative named Gianduia #

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