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Apologies To The Organizers and Attendees of Future Insights Live

Yesterday I sent the email below to the organizers of Future Insights Live, Ellie and Sarah. Both were two of the most well organized and professional conference staff I’ve interacted with. I really did not want to cancel speaking at the event especially last minute but I know right now it’s what best due to an injury, having items stolen from me a week ago and I’m still waiting on new CC. As I said in the email and to the organizers and attendees. I apologize for not being able to participate.

Hi Ellie and Sarah, I owe you both and the attendees of Future Insights live a sincere apology but I’m unable to attend the conference due to an emergency and injury.

I’ve been looking for a replacement all day and did not want to send you this email. In my 8 years of speaking at conferences etc, I’ve missed only 1 once due to a life or death illness (SXSW 2013). Fortunately this is not the case but still it’s not good that I’m not attending.

I also would like to apologize for the lack of communication, thank you for your patience, and congratulate you on a successful event and the hard work you put behind it. As a person who organizes events/conferences etc, I understand the hard work and thought you put behind the conference. I also understand the rare opportunity myself and other minority speakers get – please do not hold this against us. This is all on me, trying to do too much.

In full transparency I will publish this in a blog post, so the blame is not put on you all.

Again, I’m sorry for any trouble and inconvenience I’ve caused!

Have a successful event!!

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