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Announcing the NewME Accelerator Startup Winners – This summer is going to be epic!

Originally Posted on BlackWeb 2.0 by Sherri L. Smith

NewME Accelerator

Last month, Black Web 2.o CEO and founder, Angela Benton announced the launch of the NewME Accelerator. The “first-ever technology accelerator for minority-led startups,” the NewME Accelerator will help a select number of startups take their budding businesses to the next level. Taking place over a nine-week period (June 16 – August 18), startup founders will travel to the heart of Silicon Valley to learn from some of technology’s top industry leaders.

In addition to five pre-selected startups, (goKitkloud.coPencil You InCuedTriOut ) and a group of  locally selected startups (Central.lyMosionAisleFinder, and Qykno), and a stealth startup, there were three additional spots open. With an opportunity this big being offered, the selection process wasn’t taken lightly.  In addition to concept, quality of pitch, and the problem the product solves were also taken into consideration.

The winners of the NewME Accelerator application process are:


  • Playd – A mobile app that allows you to check into, rate, share, and discuss the games you love with your friends and other gamers worldwide.


  • FetchMob –  Offers a way for people to buy what they need without shopping for it. 



During the program, startup founders will have speakers and one-on-one mentorship opportunities with reps from successful startup reps including Zynga, Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, and Foursquare. At the end of the program, NewME participants will have the opportunity to pitch their products to investors and other members of the startup community.

“The NewME Accelerator is not just about the participating startups, but about providing a path for future minority-led start-ups to be encouraged to launch successful companies. We want to be an example to show that no matter your race or gender innovation can happen in the web/tech space. I’m beyond excited about this summer and am grateful to have the support from many industry peers,” said Sutton.

News of the accelerator has been spreading like wildfire around the web with tech influentials like Stanley “M.C. Hammer” Burrell showing his support. Benton and Sutton are pleased at the positive response.

“The amount of support and interest from the Silicon Valley community in the NewME Accelerator is overwhelming,” says Benton, “and serves as a testament to not only the need for a program like this, but also to the receptiveness of a program like this.  We are more than excited about this summer and the companies and individuals who’ve agreed to be involved.”

For more information about the NewME Accelerator and its first class, please click here.

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