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Often I’ve had the chance to cover events, interview individuals from CEOs, bloggers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and other content creators from around the world, capturing their voices and allowing each to tell their story.

If you would like for me to cover your event, use the information on the Contact Page. Below is a list of some of the many people I’ve had the opportunity to interview.

Janice Fraser, Founder & CEO,Luxr
Ben Parr, Co-founder & Managing Partner, #DOMINATEFUND

Less interviews: Launched a startup and cofounded an incubator/accelerator.

2009 Video Interviews
Andrew Hyde, Community Director for, founder of Startup Weekend
David Cohen. Executive Director, TechStars
Gary Vaynerchuk, video blogger
Chris Messina, Cofounder of BarCamp and CoWorking
Micah Baldwin, VP of Business Development
Laurie Smithwick, Co-founder of Kirtsy
Geroge G Smith Jr., Social Media Specialist, Crocs, Inc.
Justin Ruckman, cofounder of
Jim Tobin, CEO, Ignite Social Media
Gwen Bell, partner at Kirtsy, Social Media University Lecturer
Joe Colopy, CEO Bronto Software
Napoleon Wright, Napoleon, Filmmaker, director, producer and founder of Becauseus.

2009 Mashable / Regator Mixer Interviews
Tim Dorr, CEO, aSmallOrange
Corvida, Tech Blogger,
Dave Delaney, Social Media Strategist for Griffin Technologyfile/2129092
Adam Ostrow, Editor-in-Chief, Mashable
Brett Petersel – East Coasts Event Director, Mashable
Jason Keath, Social Media strategist for
Christina Warren, Deputy lead blogger for TUAW
Ivan Reyes, founder of Chirbit Mashlanta meetup
Kim Turner, Editorial Director for Regator
Adam – Mashlanta meetup

Wayne Interviewing Adam

2009 SXSW / Pubcon Video interviews
Dave Morin, Senior Platform Manager, Facebook
Chris Brogan, President, New Marketing Labs,
Patrick O’Keefe, Author of Managing Online Forums book, iFroggy Network
Garry Tan & Sachin Agarwal, Founders of Posterous
Mike Langford, Founder of tweetworks
Reem Abeidoh, Social media marketer
Jay Smooth, Hip Hop Radio DJ and video blogger
Loic Le Meur, serial entrepreneur & blogger founder of Seesmic
Jesse Engle & Aaron Gotwalt, cofounders of CoTweet
Julia Roy, Senior Agent of Social Life™ at Undercurrent and Creator/Host of Tweet Week
Brett Gaylor, Director of Rip! A Remix Manifesto, creator of
Vik Duggal, Founder of Konstructr, Host of KCast
Lynn D. Johnson, Senior Editor/Community Director, Fast Company
Kristen Nicole, Author, The Twitter Survial Guide
Dave Snyder, Co-Founder of Search and Social and
Jason Nazar, Ceo DocStoc

2008 Video Interviews
Bob Young, founder, CEO Lulu
Ryan Allis, CEO iContact
Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of NetApp
Abby Nardo, Child Psychologist – Local Conversations
Gregory Ng, Creative Director, Frozen Food Reviewer
Robert Schoble, Super Tech blogger
Tara Hunt, Author/The Whuffie Factor, Owner/Citizen Space
Rob Goodlatte, Facebook Product Designer
Karen Mann, Music blogger
Josh Cavalier, founder of Lodestone digital direction
Bret Dougherty, Bret Dougherty is a business development and strategic marketing professional
Tola Oguntoyinbo, CEO of Sonecast
Ben Forta, Adobe Platform Evangelist
Dan Barkin, senior Editor/Online, News & Observer
Matt Ford, Nobel Intent Writer, et Observatory moderator, ars technica
Rosie Reilman – Customer Service & Online Marketing, Parker Medical Associates
Iconfactory Team – Local Conversations –
John Martin, Writer, blogger
Matt Miller, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur
Andy Beal, Founder of, author of Radically Transparent, editor of
David Millsaps – Cofounder of
Critter – Cold fusion developer
Brian Russell, Founder of Carrboro Cowork
Anton Zuiker, health journalist, editor, blogger, Duke University
Mur Lafferty – Podcaster, writer, columnist
Jeff, Peter & Grace Cohen, Social Media Marketing family
Kara Andrade, multimedia journalist
Gary Kebbel, journalism program officer at Knight Foundation
Chris O’Brien, Business columnist for The San Jose Mercury News
Pam Spaulding, blogger
Lisa Hoffman, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral
Braon Uttley, President of Web Business Fredom
Jeremy Allen, Tech director, mobile recording specialist

Wayne Sutton, Outside the Biden/Palin Debate

Audio/Podcast Interviews for Talk Social News Podcast 2008-2009
Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee
Peter Shankman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Adventurist
Mc Hammer, CEO Dance Jam
Angela Benton CEO,
Louis Gray, super tech blogger,
Bhasker Roy, Cofounder, Qik
Allen Stern, CEO of Cloudcontacts and
Adam J. Wallace, New Media Director for @RogerSmithHotel.
Danny Burkes, chief architect at
Erik Martin, Community manager for
Tara Hunt, Author/The Whuffie Factor, Owner/Citizen Space
Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote
Joel Longtine, Developer for SocialThing
Thomas Cook, Co-founder
Geoff Livingston, Strategic Advisor for Live Earth. Author of Now Is Gone and the Buzz Bin.
Martin May, Brightkite founder & CTO
David Sacks, Yammer CEO

Featured Live Steams:
President Barack Obama Town Hall, Raleigh, NC –
Social media, PR, blogging, journalism Community building panel with Charlotte’s community leaders
Gary SXSW 2009 Keynote –

Featured Packages:
How teenagers use social networks –
Michell Obama interview –

Photos on this page are taken by: Abbyladybug and Jeff Cohen.

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