Presentation: Beyond The Business Case For Diversity and Inclusion In Tech

Tech companies released their diversity and inclusion data in 2014 that lead to the national awareness of the lack of inclusion in the workforce that has stifled innovation. Research after research continues to show that businesses with diverse leadership and employees outperform companies that are homogeneous yet many executives question the value of diversity. The conversation to-date still reflects how little progress has been made and what solutions are needed to create change and impact. Therefore, we must shift our strategies towards a more human-focused mindset to create empathic results for inclusion. This talk will explore strategies needed to go beyond the business case for diversity and inclusion in tech.

Post photo by Melinda Epler


  1. saki r

    well described bout diversity makes business profits. and inclusions takes what kind of earning. and how users can be more evaluated there technical these are all well described thanks for sharing.

  2. Avik Sarkar

    Thank you for this one. Am intrigued to research more on inclusive businesses as of now

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