19 Recent Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Articles Everyone Should Read

In 2014 the diversity and inclusion conversation in tech reached an all time high and as we kick off 2015 the topic doesn't seem to be losing any steam; which is great as a lot of change is needed. Below are some of the more recent articles about diversity in tech that I believe everyone should read. The articles range from women in tech, sexism, under represented minorities in tech, the wealth and access gap, to defining what diversity actually means. If I missed any recent articles, let me know in the comments.

What Diversity Actually Means

Does Your Team Reflect "The Dream"?


of10 Podcast with Erin Teague of Yahoo and Wayne Sutton of BUILDUP.vc by Will Lucas

of10 is a podcast hosted by tech entrepreneur and former radio personality Will Lucas. On the 10 episode podcast series, Will interviews prominent and up-and-coming technology personalities to discuss the pipeline into technology, startups, and ideas.

On Part 1: This chat with Erin Teague who is Director of Product at Yahoo is refreshing. You'll hear her talk about everything from her top 5 favorite rappers, to the constant awareness of how gender and race affects the mindset of many minorities in tech. It's an honest reflection on the thought process of a technology executive even [...]

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