Yesterday via TechCrunch, Betaworks backed Tapestry Released an update to their app that allowed users to Build Stories In-App.

Tapestry is a growing collection of short, wonderful stories made for reading on your phone. Inspired by Robin Sloan’s Fish: a tap essay, Tapestry is a new way of storytelling, embracing some of the most important pieces of telling a great story: succinctness, pacing, and creativity. It’s simple: tap to move forward in a story. There’s no going back, so take your time—that’s the whole point!

Now that everyone is a content creator in our meme/ selfie social media world Tapestry 3.0 makes a lot of sense enable everyone to create fun, interesting content that easily shareable.

I created my own Tapestry story which you can view here:

Nailed it right?

You can view the Tapestry 3.0 announcement story here.

To create your own Tapestry stories download the Tapestry 3.0 app

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