Tapestry 3.0 Makes Its Easy to Create, Read and Share Awesome Short Stories

Yesterday via TechCrunch, Betaworks backed Tapestry Released an update to their app that allowed users to Build Stories In-App.

Tapestry is a growing collection of short, wonderful stories made for reading on your phone. Inspired by Robin Sloan's Fish: a tap essay, Tapestry is a new way of storytelling, embracing some of the most important pieces of telling a great story: succinctness, pacing, and creativity. It's simple: tap to move forward in a story. There’s no going back, so take your time—that’s the whole point!

Now that everyone is a content creator in our meme/ selfie social [...]

Blacks in Tech Shift Focus to Hackathons and Coding Bootcamps To Launch The Next Generation Of Diverse Entrepreneurs

Over the past year, unfortunately the conversation about the falsehood of technology enabling meritocracy, “brogrammers” and the lack of women board members have been debated among Silicon Valley cohorts, press and entrepreneurs worldwide. Pattern matching continues to be the leading bias from investment decisions, hiring and just getting in the door at times for many minorities. The number of African-Americans startups that are funded is still below 1% which is detrimental when we take a deep breath and reflect that in 2014 such bias still exist. When we look at seed stage or [...]