Post title based off of three great post that every new and seasoned entrepreneurs should read.

The Goal by Anil Dash

Sometimes it feels overwhelmingly difficult to communicate these values to a new generation of entrepreneurs who aren’t being shown good role models, but I remain optimistic that we can make this mindset the default.

Make things by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Hunch and Flickr

Anil worries that it’s hard to communicate this motivation to a new generation of entrepreneurs, and I agree. There are so many conferences these days, so many voluble, charismatic leaders, and so much noise. I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs in their 20s who are knowledgeable about the valuations various Y Combinator startups have attained, know the names of all the angel investors in the Valley, have in-depth knowledge of the Facebook diaspora and their doings, have opinions on various Zynga acquisitions, and know exactly how to get Andrew Mason on the line…it boggles the mind. These are good things to have in your tool kit. But I want to hear about things out there that they love. About loving the thing they’re building. There’s less of that. Nevertheless, Anil remains “optimistic that we can make this mindset the default.”

Making things, infinite games, and Fred Brooks by Chad Dickerson

I think part of what Caterina is saying is that pure focus on networking and IPOs and fundraising and valuations and acquisitions neglects the core sense of play that got most of us into this world in the first place.



new entrepreneurs need good role models to make things for the web that’s not just shinny objects to please investors

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