Video: A must watch for Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders – Jack Dorsey & The Golden Gate Bridge Square talk

Video: If you're an entrepreneurs or startup founder this is a must watch video of Jack Dorsey as he talks about the beauty and function of the The Golden Gate Bridge along with the future Square.

You can read the full transcript via TechCrunch

I want to talk about how we build things here, a little bit about the product, the work we do and the work we need to do. So, this is something I put on our Wiki a long time ago [shows slide], as one of our principles is to delight our users. But then I realized it’s more important to delight their users, which are their customers and payers. And [...]

4 Theories Why Entrepreneurs Can’t Sleep ….

Jason Freedman has some theories about why entrepreneurs can't sleep. Maybe this explains #vampiremode. The four theories are:

Theory 1: It's Genetic.

Theory 2: Insomnia makes 'normal' careers too difficult

Theory 3: Entrepreneurs create a self-perpetuating night owl culture

Theory 4: Entrepreneurs need to focus. Night is simply more productive.

For a more indebt hypothesize see Jason's full post Why Entrepreneurs Can't Sleep

The digital divide is costing America 32 billion dollars a year via the Digital Exclusion infographic

How can we use technology to close the digital divide? What is Digital Divide?
The digital divide refers to the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all. Source:

I list the problem factors of Digital Divide in the following categories:

1. Location
2. Access to information/technology
3. Race
4. Income
5. Gender

Per the Microsoft Shape the future infographic below the annual impact of the U.S. digital divide is 32 billion dollars.
The infographic breaks down the [...]

Amazing opportunities: I’m Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Conference & Web 2.0 NY – Thank You

Last year I hinted around in a few blog post that I was done speaking at tech conferences for a few reasons. One being my first child was being born in January. Two, felling a little burnt out having speaking over 60 times in the last 4 years. Three, I wanted to focus more on doing what I love pre-twitter (2006) and before the web went social media crazy and that was entrepreneurship and launching my own startup. Four, being a little tired of the lack of diversity in web/tech/social, etc. Fast forward to today I've done most of that by only participating at SXSW 2011 and being on a panel at [...]