It’s Friday and you know what that means! Follow Friday but today instead of following a few Twitter accounts how about subscribing to a few new blogs? For this weeks Follow Friday I’m sticking with the QR Code trend and listing QR Code Websites. Here are 11 QR Code blogs to subscribe to for all things QR Codes.

  1. 2d code
  2. QR Anywhere
  3. kaywa
  4. biggu
  5. interlinkone
  6. mobile tagging
  7. qr arts
  8. QR Media
  9. Codes
  10. Qre8
  11. Qreate and track

Two Awesome blog post on QR Codes:
the list of massive brands using qr codes
101 Uses For Quick Response (QR) Codes: Creating Audience Engagement With The Next Killer US App


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What websites do you read for information about QR Codes?

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