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8 new social networks your company should be monitoring

flickr photo by: Intersection Consulting
If you ask most marketers or individuals they are up to their neck in social media and social networking sites. Many say they don't have time to manage them. Especially if you work for an agency. I was speaking at a recent SocialFresh event about location-based apps/@Foursquare and mentioned how there are over 60 plus location based services. One lady responded, we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Foursquare how many more sites/apps will there be? My response was sadly a lot more and if you manage a companies brand with various tools such as [...]

Video: The iPad Orchestra, classical music embraces tech

First there was the ipad + "Eye of the Tiger" music video preformed with the iPad and now we have the iPad Orchestra. The iPad Orchestra video features four musicians representing the Clarinet, Cello, Flute, and Violin which they are playing via the iPad and their awesome T-Shirts. They're playing "Sweet Dream" performed live for an audience on August 20, 2010 composed by Ilya Plavunov. Take a look.

As I stated in the iPad Eye of the Tiger video post, how amazing it would be if artist could use the iPad to preform shows instead if traditional music equipment. Well, it seems like that time [...]

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11 iPhone QR Code Reader Applications to get you ready for the QR marketing madness


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Photo via: QR Anywhere

It seems that major brands are jumping on the QR Code bandwagon. Earlier this year it was Calvin Klein, now FOX Network has announced that viewers can gain instant access to content for FOX shows via FOX CODES (custom QR codes for Fox). Just last week I saw Gap use QR code in stores for user generated apparel recommendations. Both Best Buy and AT&T have released mobile apps with QR code readers too. Soon you'll see QR Codes at Best Buy locations like the one above as well.

Blog Confessional: Seven personal career mistakes to avoid and the lessons I learned from them

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They say confession is good for the soul and it is Sunday so here we go. Starting tomorrow I'm venturing into another new project with high expectations for success but it also includes a lot of work. Along with having a new baby on the way due in January, to say I'm nervous, stressed and excited at the same time is an understatement. Plus with working with a bootstrapped startup, TriOut that’s has huge potential. Now I’m about to help launch an incubator/coworking office downtown Raleigh. I love what I’m doing, the community in NC and I believe both [...]

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