We’re half-way through 2010 and Social Media continues to be much discussed topic among marketing agencies, tech blogs and consultants. As I look at my twitter stream and RSS feeds I see people discusing social media now that a year or two ago were saying Twitter was a fad , thought Facebook was just for kids and the thought of using an analytics platform to measure their efforts was un heard of. Fast forward to now and many are having conversations about ROI, blogging and retweeting every single post from the popular social media blogs online. Welcome to social media….

Regadless of what you’re reading or retweeting there are tons of social media resouces online. Here are 7 blogs you should read if you really want to learn about Social Media .

Hopefully your RSS reader is full of great content from other blogs as well and if you’re really looking to find more social media post / content I recommend using content search tools like Lazyfeed and Regator. See: Step outside the information bubble and why social media practitioners, content creators and the blogosphere needs sites like LazyFeed and Regator

Photo by: By Intersection Consulting on flickr

What are you favorite social media blogs/resources?

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