Shares from the Social Web: RSS feeds for February 4th

Today, while reading RSS feeds in Google Reader, I came across these interesting blog posts and wanted to share them with you. Some of the post topics range from WordPress themes/tips, to marketing advice, to various social media examples. I hope you find some of them interesting. If one of them was useful to you or if you have a comment about one, let me know in the comments. Thanks

Help Haiti and get a social media workshop for your company

Originally posted by David B. Thomas on conversations and connections - social media at SAS

Photo by United Nations Development Programme / CC BY 2.0

Recently Mitch Joel and Joseph Jaffe promised to auction off keynote addresses for Haiti relief, with their services going to the highest bidder. This idea inspired me to do something similar here in the Triangle. As with all human endeavors involving more than one person, it took some time to organize, but we've got the participants lined up, so let's get this started.

We will plan and present a half-day social media workshop to the [...]

#28DaysofDiversity: People of color impacting the social web. Day 4: Amani Channel @urbanreporter

As we all know, February is Black History Month. It's a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human.

As someone in the technology/web/social space, I often travel and attend various events in the industry and notice a huge lack of diversity, and when it comes to getting attention from mainstream media/tech blogs it's almost impossible. That's why I'm starting 28 Days of Diversity on [...]