A Google Wave screencast – If you had an account, how would you use Google Wave?

Here's a lite Google Wave screencast. I may not be the best person for a screencast on Google Wave but since it's like "Wave" day I figured why not to show everyone what they're missing or assuming what Google Wave is and can do. Regardless take a look at the screencast and let me know in the comments if you had a Google Wave account how would you use it?

Update: If or when you gain access to Google Wave, I can be reached at : waynesutton@googlewave.com

TweetHook: Real Time Twitter Search results Delivered to you (PR) by @jazzychad

TweetHook launches, provides Twitter Search push service

TweetHook.com, a new service from JazzyChad Network, eliminates the need to poll Twitter for data by pushing results to them automatically.

Press Release
The new service delivers fresh Twitter Search results to
customers using web callback URLs, also known as a "ping" service. The
site went live today after several months of testing and development.
Users can sign up for a free 30 day trial on the site. TweetHook is
the second major Twitter service from JazzyChad Network. The first is
TweetGrid.com, a popular online real-time [...]

20 news, sports & technology iPhone apps to keep you updated with the rest of the world

Let's face it, if you're like me you have very little time to watch TV, sports and to keep up with the latest technology trends on the social web, except for those times when you unplug and enjoy your favorite team on TV. But what about the rest of your busy life? Well if you're an iPhone owner you know there's an app for just about anything. So here are my top 20 iPhone apps to keep you updated with local / national news, sports and technology.

For news from the blogosphere:


Technology news:
Tech Fuse


App Gems

Notifications (must configure your feeds)


Mobile podcast #7: How to setup your WordPress blog for mobile podcasting with your iPhone & Posterous

Download now or listen on posterous

2009-27-09 20_11_46.MP3 (3695 KB)

Over the past two days I recorded six podcast from my iPhone that went to posterous. This recording talks about what iPhone app and wordpress plugin I'm using to have the audio media player to work on my main blog SocialWayne.com.

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think.

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Friday Fix: 10 random ways to use social media with examples

Photo via: deanmeyersnet

Here's a list of 10 random ways to use social media.

1. Non-profit:
Raise awareness using a twitter hashtag for social change, example #atlfloods http://www.hopeatl.com

2. Entertainment
Sell music directly to listeners via blog, iTunes, twitter, and social networks - example Radiohead

3. Business to Business ( B2B )
Video blogging web hosting channel to market services to sell cloud server based hosting solutions - example RackSpace / Building43 / Robert Scoble

4. Business to Consumer (B2C)
Starbucks & Dell -- need I say more ... Customers forum [...]