After seeing screenshots and blog post about the new Facebook 3.0 iPhone app it’s finally out. I must say I really thought it was over hyped like most iPhone apps but if you’re a Facebook junkie the new app is a dream come true. If you manage Facebook fan pages or want to social stalk / engage with friends / fans the new app can save you time and allow to get the best value out of Facebook depending on your goals.

Here are four ways Facebook 3.0 enhances my Facebook experience and engagement.

1. Better event management / RSVP

2. Better birthday notification (Happy Birthday)

3. Quick access to your friends and fan pages for easy social stalking

4. Better information gathering via news feed and page filtering.

5. More likes and comments will be made; I’ll be “liking” a lot more Facebook updates now. :)

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook 3.0 iPhone app?

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