16 reasons why I’m not quitting the iPhone

So today, famed tech blogger, Michael Arrington @arrington of TechCrunch wrote a blog post called, "I quit the iPhone". Arrington has a large audience that reads his network of blogs and is very successful and popular in terms of his events that he plans in the technology space. In other words Arrington has power and influencer depending on how you look at it. Either way Arrington and I both bloggers and entitled to our own opinions. I would like to think we have a lot in common but he's a lot more successful than I am at the moment but lets hope that changes in the near future.

Hootsuite Twitter client goes 2.0, requires a tweet to upgrade. Screenshots & D.O.A.T

So I just received an to upgrade email to the new shiny, Multi Column View, Tabbed Layout, Quick Search and more 2.0 version of HootSuite. My first reaction was great, I love new the features and upgrades. But to upgrade I had to send out a tweeet from all of my HootSuite accounts, something I didn't want to do. Now do a search for hootsuite and you'll see others upgrading and auto-tweeting away.

Here's a look at some of the new Hootsuite 2.0 features.

Multi-column view

You can create groups

More features.

So far Hootsuite 2.0 looks like a winner in the space of web based professional [...]

Weekly Pitch: GizaPage, a social network organizer

The Pitch:

GizaPage (www.gizapage.com) is a social network organizer that helps consumers and brands manage their online presence by consolidating their many social networking profiles side by side under a personalized URL. GizaPage supports 75+ social sites, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Delicious, giving users a hub to organize and promote their Web 2.0 social identity. As part of GizaPage’s ongoing efforts to give users more control of their social networking persona, GizaPage recently introduced several premium services:

  • Custom URLs (normally $4.95 per month – free [...]

5 ways to engage with your audience outside of blogging

In today's fast past, real-time, always on, content pushing world it seems as though everyone is trying to keep the attention of website visitors. You're either sending out tweets, an email newsletters and/or ping.fm saying come here take a look at what I have to offer. But then what? Your website visitor clicks, read and close, while you're hoping they will bookmark the page for later, subscribe to your RSS feed if you have one or contact you for more information. Here are 5 ways to engage with your audience outside of blogging or with your blog.

1. Feedback Widgets from Google & Twitter:

What I’m sharing on Google Reader for July 28th

Today, while reading RSS feeds in Google Reader, I came across these interesting blog posts and wanted to share them with you. I hope you find some of them interesting. If one of them was useful to you or if you have a comment about one, let me know in the comments. For real-time results of what I'm sharing on Google Reader see my feeds on FriendFeed: http://friendfeed.com/waynesutton

Posterous: The who, why & how from the founders. Is it the next big platform?

I'm not sure if you have noticed but recently a lot of people have been posting various forms of multimedia content to their Twitter stream with the short url http://post.ly. That short url redirects to Posterous.com a Y Combinator startup that launched a little over a year ago. Posterous isn't just a short url or multimedia content platform, it's a social network, blogging platform that integrates with other platforms that allow you to post content via email and more. You can use Posterous as your blog which some have see: Steve Rubel , as a life-stream site or just post random pictures [...]

3 apps for easy iPhone mobile blogging

If you have noticed the text "Post From My iPhone" on a few of my post recently is because I have been using the BlogPress iPhone app to post with. BlogPress was one of the first iPhone blogging apps along with iBlogger, iWriter and soon afterwards came the WordPress iPhone app. Almost all four blogging iPhone apps support multiple blogging platforms such as blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Drupal and more.

My favorite is the Wordpress app but it doesn't always work with self-hosted Wordpress blogs do to some XML-RPC error therefor I use the BlogPress app for mobile blogging. BlogPress may be my [...]