I’m going to start something new on SocialWayne.com called “Your Friday Fix” where I share some tips, links and presentations I’ve found or read over the past week. To kick things off, the first Friday Fix is all about Social Media ….. enjoy!

101 Ways to Use Social Media

Social Media Relations

Social Media Stories

Five Steps for Social Media Success from http://multichannelmerchant.com

  1. Have a purpose and be consistent
  2. Spark conversation and engagement
  3. Choose wisely
  4. Integrate
  5. Monitor and respond

Getting Started: Social Media Policies For Your Company
from http://davefleet.com

  1. Internal Policies
  2. Blogging policy
  3. Public Policies

Why Your Business Should Not Engage In Social Media – Yet! from http://restaurantcoachingsolutions.com
Two Major Social Media Execution Gaps

  1. Social Media Is More About The Social But Your Business Culture Isn’t.
  2. The Pieces Just Don’t Seem To Fit

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