Email marketing booming in the recession, Bronto’s CEO talks startups, marketing but thinking twitter with Tweetica

Yesterday Bronto, an email marketing service provider based in Durham, NC held an open house to invite the community to view their new office space. I got word about the open house event via twitter from a few of their coworkers (@Covati @djwaldow ) and decided to attend. Immediately when you walk in to the new Bronto, you'll notice a huge dinosaur which is their logo/mascot and bright painted walls.

The space is awesome & I'm hoping to host a few meetups in the future there too. The event started at 5:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. Bronto's CEO Joe Colopy (@colopy on twitter) gave a brief [...]

Talk Social News Episode 21: Adam Wallace of Roger Smith Hotel talks social media in New York, plus cotweet, twickie, hulu vs boxe and facebook TOS noise

There's buzz about a hotel in New York that's tweeting, blogging and doing almost everything that a hotel could do to embrace social media. That hotel is called The Roger Smith Hotel @rogersmithhotel and they're hosting Social Media Breakfast events, they sponsored @NYCTwestivl, live streaming events and embracing the local NY local tech community. If you're like us, you wondered how they got started using social media and who's the man behind the tweets and movement. That man is Adam Wallace @adamjwallace and we had a chance to talk with him about the Roger Smith Hotel, how he got [...]

A look at social media and the future of the film industry: Joshua, Napoleon, Hill & Jane Fonda

I’m sure by now you know how the music industry is doing and it’s need to embrace the internet for more direct one to one relationships between the artist and the customer.  But what about the film industry? How will the film industry use social media to market  movies and continue to sell out theaters.  Here’s a look at three examples of using social media, online video and the film industry.

I recently attended BarCampCharlotte and met Joshua J. Mills @JoshuaJMills who’s the founder of Filmblazer @filmblazer. Joshua will be starting the Two-week Turnaround Tour or T3, that’s [...]

New Binary Game for the iPhone, competitive, fun & social by @Garyvee & @Yonnage

There's a new additive app in the iTunes app store called Binary Game [itunes link] made by John Kassimatis @yonnage and Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee The app cost $1.99 and if you're good at math and very competitive I recommend you give it a try. Here's a video screencast of the game.

If you're watching @garyvee's twitter stream then I'm sure you know all about the app, take a look at one of the 1st tweets about the game tonight.

I'm starting to see a trend from new iPhone apps being released in the app store. With so many app being created and everyone trying to cash in on the popularity of [...]

Talk Social News Episode 20: Erik Martin of on community buidling, plus more google juice, iPhone updates, kindle 2.0 and the ma.gnolia fail

After a short break Talk Social News is back bring you the latest news in social media, online communities and technology. This week Kipp and Wayne interview Erik Martin @hueypriest , Community Manager for Take a listen as we talked about how Reddit compares to other social news sites, the upcoming reddit iphone app, the role of a community manager, and how Reddit uses social media.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 20 - length 38:12 download or click to play:[audio:TalkSocialNews0020ErikMartinReddit.mp3] Subscribe to podcast in iTunes:

Other segments of the podcast:


Transparency in social media. Do you trust me?

What is Transparency?
Let’s talk Transparency. Transparency is one of those social media / marketing buzzwords you’ll hear when being pitched a social media campaign, but what exactly does it mean?  Traditionally transparency is referenced with news media to inform the public why and how information is gathered from various sources. In plain English, transparency means I tell you who I received the information from so you know that it’s credible or that I was not the originator of the information. In media transparency leads to credibility, it builds the trust from someone reporting [...]