Recap of Facebook’s Technology Tasting event; OpenStreams API announcement. Plus How to sync Plaxo with Facebook screencast.

Today Mark Zuckerberg, Dave Morin and the Facebook team held a Technology Tasting to make a few announcements. Here's a list of the big news from Facebook.

1. Mark Zuckerberg, a short Facebook history lesson and the direction of Facebook.

2. Dave Mornin talks about Facebook OpenStreams news, developor access to api/mysql.

3. Chris Messina announces Facebook openness.

4. Plaxo team announces they are in a Facebook open relationship. You can use friend connect to sync and connect your Facebook data.
Screencast how to sync Plaxo & Facebook

5. Adobe Air Facebook Desktop App announcement.

I have Crocs around my neck & why social media might sell you a pair. How to manage a national brand.

Last weekend, I attended the Chicks Who Click (CWC09) conference in Boulder, Colorado. Don’t let the name fool you, the conference featured some of the smartest women in social media, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Photo  by GirlOnTheBand

It was organized by  Denise Smith a marketing and events specialist and Gwen Bell a brand manger, a few men were in attendance also. One of those gentlemen was George G. Smith Jr. ,Crocs social media specialist.  If you’re not familiar Crocs, then take a look at the picture below and I’m sure you have seen a pair of Crocs somewhere. 


What makes a successful twitter iPhone app? A tweetie screencast video review. My 5th most asked question: What twitter app do I use on my iPhone?

If you've visit my F.A.Q section then yes I skipped #3 or #4 but I'll get to those later but #3 will be how I got so many twitter followers and #4 will be who created my twitter background and the history of twitter backgrounds. Keeping with the twitter theme here my 5th most asked question is "what twitter iPhone app do I use on my iPhone.

Before tweetie was released I was using the iPhone web app Hahlo mainly because the amount of people I'm following on twitter and the other iPhone applications were hanging on loading my twitter public stream and my replies. Then a few weeks ago my [...]

Talk Social News Episode 19 Video: A look back at Social Media in 2008 and Kipp and Wayne’s predictions for 2009

Note: This show was recorded prior to Macworld 2009 and CES 2009 so news from those shows is not included, but will be discussed on future episodes.

With 2009 getting started we launch our first video episode! We dicuss the major changes in technology and social media in 2008 and look forward and make our prediction for what is ahead in 2009.  Did you agree with us? Let us know what you think! Please leave a comment or send us you thoughts on Twitter: @kbodnar32 and @waynesutton.

What do you think is going to be the next big thing in mobile, social networks and/or technology in 2009?

Talk Social News #18 Allen Stern of & CloudContacts. TechFuga, embargo & macworld

Happy New Year everyone, we're a little late but Talk Social News returns with an exciting interview with All Stern of & CloudContacts. Allen was gracious enough to do a second interview with us and it's just as good as the first one. Allen is an entrepreneur, blogger, consultant and his blog was recently listed as one of the top 6 blogs to read for information on social media. For more information about Allen & CenterNetworks.comhere.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 18 - length 57:12 download or click to [...]