I’m excited to announce tomorrow’s live show on WayneSutton.TV I’ll be facilitating a conversation on Social Media, PR 2.0, blogging for community building, online journalism and social networks with some of the leaders of Charlotte’s social media community.

The panel includes:

Justin Ruckman, Designer & cofounder CLT Blog (Charlotte Blog) http://cltblog.com, co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP), you can find Justin at http://jruckman.com and on twitter as @jruckman

Lisa Hoffmann, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral, you can find her blogging at http://newmedialisa.com and on twitter as @lisahoffmann

Brandon Uttley, President of Web Business Fredom, you can Brandon at http://WebBusinessFreedom.com and on twitter as @brandonuttley

Jason Keath, social media director, for heels.com, you can him blogging at http://www.jasonkeath.com/ and on twitter as @jakrose

Justin Ritchie, co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP) and works on Duke Energy’s new solar program, you can find him blogging at http://jritch.net and on twitter as @jritch

Josh Cavalier, president of Lodestone Digital, http://www.lodestone.com, and on twitter as @joshcav

To watch the show just go to WayneSutton.TV around 12pm. For updates subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on twitter as @WayneSutton

We’ll be taking live questions from twitter during the show, just send a tweet to @WayneSutton or use the tag #waynesuttontv

A big thanks to Josh Cavlier and Lodestone Digital for hosting the live show.
lodestone digital

The Charlotte community is also working on their first BarCamp, for more information about BarCamp Charlotte follow them on twitter as @BarCampCLT and  http://barcampcharlotte.com


Any pre-show questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I’ll see you online tomorrow.

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