Presentation: Twitter used as a PR Tool via Social Media PR Class &

Everyone is talking, blogging, tweeting about Twitter now and most of the conversation is basic 101 information without any real examples. Take a look at this presentation from the Social Media PR Class called Twitter used as a PR Tool for a great overview of twitter along with some examples of companies using twitter and how twitter was used in the election.


Talk Social News Episode 14: Ripple6 acquired by Gannett, Obama on YouTube, a sad day in Silicon Valley, mobile devices and tech news

This week on Talk Social News we talk with Rich Ullman, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Ripple6 about Ripple6 being acquired by Gannett and how social media is going to integrated with traditional media.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 14 - length 38:40 download or click to play:[audio:TalkSocialNews0014-Ripple6.mp3] Subscribe to podcast in iTunes:

Other topic discussed this week are:
What the blog:
Obama's first address to the nation on YouTube

Fail of the week:
A Sad Day In Silicon Valley

News this week
Blackberry Storm
How fast is google android [...]

Charlotte WordCamp: It’s all about WordPress, Design, Plugins, Promotions & Networking

This Saturday is Charlotte WordCamp also known as CLTWordCamp. The event is being organized by Creative Strategist, Jason Keath. (thanks Jason) The schedule is below and you can follow the conversation on twitter via the CLTWordCamp tag. I'm not sure about a video live stream yet but I'll see what we can work out.

As this being my first WordCamp I'm excited to join others who are passionate about WordPress. Also I'm looking forward to joining other colleges on a panel to discuss promoting and marketing your blog and the keynote session from Mark Jaquith.

If you have any questions for not [...]

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming. Here's the list and then some.

Mobile live streaming hardware:

1. Nokia N95
2. Apple iPhone 8gb (jailbroken)
3. Blackberry Curve 8830

Mobile live streaming software:

Conference live streaming hardware:

1. Samsung SCD103
2. Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcam(works with Mac & PC)
3. Apple MacBook builtin iSight webcam

Conference live streaming and chat software:

3. Cover-it-live (chat)
4. Meebo (chat)
5. (I know it's not [...]

Blog Promotion: Who are you pinging?

This weekend I'll be perticipating on a panel about blog promotion at WordCamp Charlotte, we're going to have conversations on differnet ways to increase your blog readership and using social media to build an audience to get your blog infront of the readers you want to stick.

For some pinging may be old school in the blogosphere but it's still needed, so I thought why not post a list of urls that I ping. Not included on the list are pinging sites such as

What pinging services do you use?

What sites do you use to ping that's not on the list?

The List [...]

Talk Social News Episode 13: Politics4All with Thomas Cook, find out how to help a reporter out along with twitip & everything twitter, while Linkedin started planning events

By now I'm sure you're aware of how social media played a role in electing our new president and the online community is a buzz about the future of social media in government and politics. This week on Talk Social News, we explore the future of social media and politics as we talk with Thomas Cook, cofounder of Politics4All. Politics4All is a socially-networked platform that allows citizens, candidates, citizens, and groups to connect and collaborate on every level of the political spectrum. (from

Take a listen as we discuss how President-Elect Barack Obama won [...]