Looking for some videographers who may or may not buy an iPhone this Friday but who can video the launch at Apple Stores (Raleigh & Durham) and At&t stores in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Garner and surrounding areas.

Once you have the video we’ll make a site, post video to youtube and work on a future RTP iPhone meetup. Revenue will be generaeted and shared from Google ads, Linkshare and Cominuson Junction.

If you have any question or suggestions you can email me at: videos [at] iphonesinrtp dot com

iPhones in RTP Goal:
To show off your iPhone
To share and train non apple users how to sync and other technical support regarding their iPhone
To trade or sell iPhones
To discuss anything Apple/iPhone/Ipods only
Create an iPhone support group for the area.
Create a list of pros and cons of the iPhone and send to Apple
Create a list of suggested features and send to Apple
To be an online force of iPhone resources and information for the RTP

Things needed:
Hosting – done
Email – done
blog – wordpress theme

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