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20 news, sports & technology iPhone apps to keep you updated with the rest of the world

Let’s face it, if you’re like me you have very little time to watch TV, sports and to keep up with the latest technology trends on the social web, except for those times when you unplug and enjoy your favorite team on TV. But what about the rest of your busy life? Well if you’re an iPhone owner you know there’s an app for just about anything. So here are my top 20 iPhone apps to keep you updated with local / national news, sports and technology.

For news from the blogosphere:


Technology news:
Tech Fuse


App Gems

Notifications (must configure your feeds)

Apple Mac News:
Mac Daily News:

Breaking news:
BNO News

Huffington Post

Local News (for me in Raleigh, NC)

Main stream media news:
AP Mobile


TIME Mobile

NPR News

USA Today

Community News apps:
Fluent News



Sports News and scores:


These are my 20 news, sports and technology apps:

What apps do you use or suggest I use to stay current with the rest of the world?

— Posted from my iPhone

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