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17 sites for Real Time Apple Tablet Coverage #TDay

So today is the big day, Apple “fanboys” and “fanladies” are all hyped up about the announcement of the Apple Tablet, we hope!.  If you’re like me then at 1:00 P.M. EST you will be glued to a computer screen either refreshing a page for real-time updates or searching tweets. I’m still waiting for the day when Apple will start to live video stream their events but until then we’re stuck with micro updates from the lucky individuals with press badges who are able to  attend the event. While some of you will rely on Tweets and various sources for up to the minute coverage, here’s my list of links for Live Apple Tablet Coverage.

  1. MacDailyNews:
  2. Gizmodo:
  3. Slashgear:
  4. Mashable:
  5. Engadget:
  6. iSmashPhone:
  7. The Apple Blog:
  8. Wired:
  9. MacWorld:
  10. AppleInsider:
  11. Technologizer:
  12. MacRumors:
  13. Macnn:
  14. Ars technica:
  15. ZDNet:
  16. Gearlog:
  17. Gdgt:
  18. Crunchgear:

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Hot Potato
Also you can join the conversation about the Apple Tablet on Hot Potato on the  “come see our latest creation” channel  here:

If you have a site that is not listed, let me know in the comments. Thanks and Happy #TDay

Update 1: now 18