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12 reasons to become a social media Cyborg!


12 reasons to become a social media Cyborg

  1. I’ll have a built-in wireless connection via 8G so I’ll be always on
  2. I can auto tweet from my Cyborg brain by just thinking it.
  3. No sleep, I can work 24/7
  4. No feelings, talk all the smack all you want.
  5. My eyes will be a webcam and I can live stream from anywhere in real-time. (you see what I see)
  6. I’ll have my own social network called “FaceBorg” and you’ll play the game poke the borg
  7. I will have a built-in iPhone in my arm
  8. My Cyborg OS will run off of a future Mac OS X release
  9. I won’t be a race/color,  just a Cyborg
  10. No bathroom breaks
  11. I’ll have a jet pack and fly to any conference I want.
  12. I’ll be unique until the clones start shipping.

Ok, I’m ready to sign-up to be the first Terminator, anybody want to join me?

Any other reasons to become a Cyborg?

Just having a little fun 🙂

I c

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