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As we start to wrap up 2010, brands continue to experiment with technologies to bridge online, offline and mobile users to increase customer interactions. Last month Google along with T-Mobile, DIAGEO, Buick, Walt Disney Pictures, and Delta Airlines launched a new Google Goggles marketing experiment with the focus for people to explore the world using mobile devices. Here’s an excerpt from the announcement.

They have “Goggles-enabled” some of their print ads, movie posters and other media. When users take pictures of these with Google Goggles, they will be recognized by the app, and users will have the option of clicking-through directly to a mobile destination from the brand.

For a closer look at these specific campaigns, take a look at our video:

To read more about the Google Goggles marketing experiment read the blog post: Offline, meet online: a marketing experiment with Google Goggles

If you are not familiar with Google Goggles watch the Goggles video below from Google.

As some of you know I’m a big proponent of QR Codes over, Microsoft Tags, and even Google Goggles. Why? Because of the simplicity to create, measure and implement with your existing or new mobile marketing strategies. I’m not sure if or when Google will release a way for all businesses to use Google Goggles technologies in print ads or other marketing campaigns. Although I do see an advantage over using Google Googles being that if a mobile user scans a Goggle’s enabled print ad they may seen different content depending on the “goggled enabled” products in the ad versus a QR Code. For QR Codes it’s one scan then directed to mobile content of choice.

Have you scanned or seen Google Goggles marketing poster before?


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Today while visiting Crabtree Valley Mall I walked into the Gap store to see if they had any offline location based marketing signs due to all of their recent promotions with Foursquare and groupon. I know the groupon promotion was a one day special but I thought the Foursquare promotion was still going on.

I decided to ask one of the Gap employees about the Foursquare promotion and they said they think it was a certain percentage off after checking into a least three Gap locations. Little did they know that was a test question. Cool and thank you I said the the employee and walked away. I’m glad they were aware of the Foursquare promotion, where often times you ask employees about national location or social marketing efforts and they have no clue.

I did see a nice QR code by the cash register before leaving that said “Do you believe in magic?”, “scan for customer reviews and styling ideas….”. Me being the geek I am, scanned the QR code and it sent me to the page below.

Also the QR code sign mention if
I didn’t have a QR reader I could download the Scanlife qr / barcode app.

It’s interesting to see brands finally start to use QR codes in stores for marketing but I’m also wondering when we’ll see brands start placing logos/signs saying check-in here outside of window clings.

Regardless I give Gap 2 thumbs up for all of their recent success and trying new social/local/group/coupon marketing efforts.

Have you seen QR codes used in other stores recently? If so how?

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Location:Glenwood Ave,Raleigh,United States

Whole Foods running @foursquare blackboard ads outside their stores = amazing
Photo by: dpstyles™

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley @Dens posted a photo to his flickr stream of a Whole Foods location with a Foursquare blackboard outdoor ad/sign. The ad reads “Every 5th check-in receive a small scoop of house-made gelato from out gelato bar. Redeem offer (before it melts) at our gelato bar in our second floor cafe.” Is the idea of the ad ground breaking or new or the next level of “social media marketing” or location-based marketing? No, but it is smart. It’s smart that the owner/manager of the Whole Foods location understands that it takes an effort from the business to attract new and existing customers to check-in with @foursquare. It’s smart to understand that you can not just offer a check-in special and think people will automatically know about it and it’s smart to understand that in order for foursquare or any location-based promotion to work you have to see it as a partnership with the location-based platform. Meaning the location, in this case Whole Foods is endorsing Foursquare over other location-based applications.

I’m sure the Whole Foods location with the blackboard ad has seen an increase in check-ins since the sign has been placed outside but is it enough to make users check-in? I’m not 100% sure but I believe the answer is less about the blackboard ad itself and more about what Whole Foods is offering their customers who check-in on the blackboard ad. The blackboard sign reads “every 5th check-in” meaning I would have to visit the location 5 days just to receive a free gelato. If I visit Whole Foods everyday then the check-in promotion would be like a once a week reward. But what about the once a week Whole Foods customer? I would think a promotion such as “check-in and receive 10% off or Check-in between 11- 2 for a free gelato would be better if you’re going to use a blackboard ad. Something to make customers walk in the door and receive an instant reward for checking in. Also what if I don’t want a gelato.

Location-Based check-in signs

Regardless it’s a good start not only for Foursquare but for other location-based platforms. Businesses have to understand if/when they decide to offer a location-based promotion to their customers it’s going to take some OFFLINE effort to bring awareness to the check-in special. It may be a window cling, a QR code, a table tent, a PA announcement or a blackboard.

Wouldn’t be awesome if you were at @WholeFoods & they announced over the PA system the first 5 people to check-in on aisle 5 wins a free ice cream by scanning a QR code. The QR code would verify that the person is there.

TriOut check-in window cling at MarketRaleigh

With TriOut we consult with business when they’re considering a location-based promotion and encourage them to use a mix of offline and online marketing to promote the check-in special. A few use window clings and table tents and others have let customers know via email and social media marketing.

Interesting read: Big fan of Whole Foods, but this Foursquare thing is the wrong direction by @jeffhilimire

Have you seen other offline examples of location-based marketing?

From TriOut to @Foursquare to @Whrrl to @Brightkite and Yelp, some businesses are struggling finding ways to promote their check-in specials and other location-based promotions. Even with the recent news of @Loopt reaching 4 million users, myTown with 2 million users and Foursquare just passing the 2 million user mark last week the main stream adoption of location based services still has a long way to go. Currently more businesses are using Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing but for businesses looking to cash in on the location check-in wave businesses may have to put a bigger investment in offline marketing to show a return on investment (ROI). To help here are 9 offline lead generation tips for business exploring location based marketing.

1. Cash register signs
How Morning Times promoting their Twitter account on the cash register
At @themorningtimes cafe downtown Raleigh, you’ll find stickers that read follow us on Twitter on the cash register. This could easily read, check-in here or join our society. It’s a simple way to reach every customer that purchases items from your store.

2. Check-in here Window clings
TriOut check-in window cling at MarketRaleigh
Window clings have been around for a while with both @Google & @Yelp mailing out free window clings to businesses years ago. Now both @TriOut and @Foursquare are sending window clings to help promote not only their platforms but to help users see that businesses have a check-in special at their locations.

3. Signs and posters
Mobile marketing
Signs and posters are extremely valuable for marketing especially if your business is near a high traffic area. If the signs include the right words like free or coupons it may be enough for your potential customers to walk-in or check-in or subscribe to your mobile SMS geo fence promotion.

4. Receipt promotions/feedback/survey forms
Printing urls to feedback forms/surveys on receipts is a great way to collect information about your customers. But you have to make the incentive valuable enough where your customers would fill out the survey form and give you their information. Suggestions are 15% off the next order or enter to win a free trip, etc. @BananaRepublic have great receipt promotions. After collecting the data you can find your customers on social networking sites and other location-based platforms.

5.Zip code submissions
This is important especially if you’re a national chain. By asking for your customers zip codes you can find areas of your frequent shoppers and focus on location-based promotion based off the data you collect.

6. Email newsletter sign-ups
((nogallery)) photos from @WRAL tweetup #wraltweetup
There are a few ways for businesses to ask for your email address. The most common is during the check out process. The other is by having a clip board or sign-up from near the cash register. By increasing your email list and sending out monthly newsletters it provides more opportunities to let your costumers know about new or upcoming location promotions.

7. QRCodes & Barcodes
With startups such as @stickybits and neogence both QRCodes & Barcodes will play a big roll in how business use location-based services. You can attach almost any type of content to either one. Currently you can use both to check-in with Foursquare and and by placing QRCodes or Barcodes on printed materials you can simplify the check-in process.

8. Billboards
Hmm.. what would foursquare look like on a Las Vegas billboard?  Ah, probably something like this... Photo by: dennis crowley
Yes Billboards, have seen the @Foursquare billboard in Las Vegas? Again billboards are great for highly traffic / visible areas. But purchasing a billboard with your check-in spacial or sms mobile subscriptions short codes can increase the awareness of your location promotion faster than any yellow page ad and you’re almost guarantee that your local community will see the promotion.

9. Table tents
Location-Based check-in signs
Table tents are a no brainier especially for coffee shops and restaurants. No matter if it’s your sms mobile subscription promotion or posting what location-based apps your customers can check-in too, table tents can lead to instant check-ins.

Have you seen other creative ways businesses are promoting location-based specials? If so let me know in the comments.

It was reported earlier that Facebook started sending some businesses window decals to Facebook fan page administrators to place in a viewable area. Ironically a few weeks ago someone from a restaurant downtown Raleigh had walked into the office asking where he could have some made. I’m not sure if he received one of the Facebook fan page window decals being the letter stated it was only  being mailed to a few selected businesses.

Today I was able to read  the letters but this one wasn’t sent to a  business but to a local university. It’s good to see Facebook not only sending window decals to businesses but to colleges too being that’s where they started at. The letter included most of the same information sent to business including a $25 in credits for a Facebook Ad. The letter also had this message from their Director of Product Marketing;

“Our mission at Facebook is to help people share and make the world more open and connected. To that end, you are welcome to share your Coupon Code with up to one friend or colleague. Thank You for using Facebook pages to connect with your customers!”

If you’re thinking, doesn’t this sound familiar? Then yes, both Google and Yelp have mailed out window decals / stickers for businesses to display. Also now Foursquare provides businesses with window decals to show mayor specials and promote check-ins. Google has even mailed out Google Adwords coupons on Valentines day. Here’s what the Google and Yelp window decals look like.


Now the real question. With Facebook receiving a little “I’m closing my account” due to privacy backlash along with Yelp, Foursquare and Google mailing out window decals too, will you stick it if you receive one?  Let me know why or why not in the comments.

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  1. All you wear are geek shirts / social networking shirts, and only geeks know what they mean.
  2. You call your family members and friends by their Twitter names.
  3. When you see people you haven’t talked to in a long time they ask you: “Are you going to tweet about me?”
  4. Triangle Tweetup

  5. Your last two social gatherings were Tweetups.
  6. You have Instant Message, Twitter & Facebook chats with your spouse and you’re in the same house at the same time.

If you have any additional reasons, let me know in the comments. :)