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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to reunite with Caleb Elston and IdoNotes to record an episode of the TheSocialGeeks podcast. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to join the team  but as always I had a blast. During the podcast we discussed some of the lasted trends in technology, startups and the social web.  You  can find articles on our topics by following our groups bookmarks on Diigo here. Here’s a link to the show.

TheSocialGeeks: TheSocialGeeks Episode 30 – the great email wars.

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Last I was a guest for the On the Record podcast hosted by Eric Schwartzman. During the podcast we discussed the recent intrest in QR Codes by marketeers, how to deploy and implement QR Codes and some QR Code use cases. Also on the podcast was Don, who gave a few examples how he’s using QR Codes overseas.

The On the Record…Online: Get the story behind the story as reporters from the mainstream media and newsmakers discuss how information technology is changing the news media and entertainment businesses.


Length: 27:18 minutes podcast
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Thanks Eric for having me on the show.
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Twitter: @ontherecord

What are some QR Code examples you have seen? How are you using QR Codes?


wayne sutton podcast

This week on the Podcast I interview Rob Reed @maxgladwell, founder of @MomentFeed. MomentFeed is a new location-based marketing agency that is committed to developing “Location-Based Engagements” as a new marketing channel. During the podcast we discussed the recent Forrester location-based marketing report, the success of Foursquare and what’s Facebook and Google’s plans for location. We also discussed MomentFeed’s products, the future of location-based services and more. Subscribe to the podcast and/or listen below.


Length: 40:40 minutes podcast
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What are you thoughts on location-based marketing and the fragmentation of location-based apps?

wayne sutton podcast

This week on the Podcast I interviewed Lawrence Coburn (@lawrencecoburn) CEO of Double Dutch and Rate-it-all. During the podcast we discussed the future of location-based apps, why he named his location-based startup “Double Dutch”, the location-based app war and more. Take a look at the questions below and listen to the podcast.


  • Who is Lawrence Coburn and how did you involved in the startup industry?
  • Double Dutch just launched during SXSW, give us the pitch and what was the inital feedback?
  • Is Double Dutch just iPhone only?
  • Why the name Double Dutch, cutting it close to Foursquare?
  • Double Dutch says it’s Great For: Conferences Hotels Universities: What’s Double Dutch idea client and who’s using it now?
  • Will Double Dutch work with clients to help make their “double dutch” location based social network successful marketing wise or are you just selling the platform?
  • How does Double Dutch populate its database for new cities using their service/app?
  • The location-base space seems very competitive at the moment why do you think so, is there really a war or just startups fighting for check-ins?
  • Do you think hyper-local will be the driving factor for checkins with small business or more success with national big brands or both?
  • You recently wrote: The New York Times Fights Back against Foursquare and Yelp on Do you think we’ll see more apps like the Scoop from other media outlets?
  • How does Double Dutch plan to make money?
  • What are your thoughts about those dealing with check-in fatigue and say not another check-in app?

Listen to the podcast: | Length: 23:49 minutes

HTML5 Audio Player: podcast
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To learn more about Double Dutch watch the video below or visit:

After listening to the podcast what are your thoughts on Double Dutch and the future of location-based applications?

The Social Geeks Podcast (Episode 26) is back with an almost a reunion special! The podcast includes Caleb ElstonJeff SmithCorvida,Sarah Perez, Chris Miller and myself.


  • Facebook privacy
  • Location services
  • and more….

You can listen to the show here:
| Duration: 01:08:33

Find articles on our topics by following our groups bookmarks on Diigo here.

wayne sutton podcast

This week on the Podcast I had a chance to interview with an interview Schneidermike (@schneidermikeon) of allen and gerritsen. During the podcast I asked Schneidermike 9 questions on Location-Based Services, Foodspotting, Foursquare,, Facebook and privacy. Take a look at the questions and listen to the podcast below.

1. Who is Schneidermike?
2. What are Schneidermike thoughts on why the location based industry is important and where is it going?
3. Schneidermike, you recently moderated a panel with Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, and Alexa Andrzejewski, founder of Foodspotting. tell us about the panel?
4. A few weeks ago you wrote a few blog post on and how you felt it missed the mark so to speak. Can you elaborate on that?
5. What businesses and industries do you see taking the most advantage of Location-Based services now?
6. Predict the future: do you think in one year from now, will foursquare and google latitude/places be the major players in location or will it be facebook and a slew of others being used in niche markets still have their role?
7. Should users be that concerned when it comes to privacy, security/stalking using location-based services?
8. What is your favorite location-based social network?
9. Any upcoming project for Schneidermike? How can people find you online?


HTML5 Audio Player:
Length: 25:39.291 minutes podcast
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It seems so long ago but back in 2008 my good friend/partner Kipp Bodnar (@kbodnar32) and I launched a podcast called Talk Social News The goal of the podcast was to cover all things technology, social media, startups and gadgets. Talk Social News started off being a once a week audio podcast then after SXSW 2009 Kipp and I went to a daily video podcast. During the length of the podcast we had a chance to interview a lot of industry leaders such as the following:

  • Adam J. Wallace
  • Louis Gray
  • Thomas Cook
  • Danny Burkes
  • Erik Martin
  • Geoff Livingston
  • Angla Benton
  • Joel Longtine
  • Louis Gray
  • Martin May
  • MC Hammer
  • Peter Shankman
  • Tara Hunt

    Here a few of my favorite past episodes:
    Talk Social News debuts with Brightkite CTO interview On Location Based Applications
    The interview,click to play:

    Talk Social News episode 17# MC Hammer, on social media, the music industry & twitter. Need we say more?
    The interview:

    Talk Social News Episode 12: Talking Whuffi with Tara Hunt aka Missrogue, twitter for voting & twitter for terrorists?, Linkedin, Opera, and Windows 7
    The interview: click to play:

    Talk Social News Episode 10:Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, what is a mophie iPhone juice pack and who’s failing on twitter.
    The interview: click to play:

    Talk Social News going daily with video blog, iPhone 3.0 rumors, exectweets, wefollow and your feedback

    Loic Le Meur @Loic at #SXSW on @Seemic, Facebook, video comments and startups

    Talk Social News Episode 21: Adam Wallace of Roger Smith Hotel talks social media in New York, plus cotweet, twickie, hulu vs boxe and facebook TOS noise
    The interview: click to play:

    I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Talk Social News over the years including our very first sponsor Ripple6 and all of our listeners and friends. A big thanks to Kipp Bodnar for co-hosting the show and pushing me along the way. It was a fun ride!

    Since we stopped recording Talk Social News, I’ve been having an on and off again podcast here on but as of last week I’m back recording weekly episodes. You find SocialWayne podcast here: and you can subscribe to to the show here on: iTunes; or subscribe to the podcast XML feed at