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Yobongo a new iPhone app that provides a way for mobile users to chat with people nearby has been in stealth mode since late October but that is about to change. I received a tip that in the next 48 hours if you have “liked” the Yobongo facebook page which is here or joined signed up for the beta here you may have a chance to be one of the early beta testers.

Yobongo which was first covered on TechCrunch joins the growing list of new mobile chat applications such as Beluga, FastSociety GroupMe and Kik. All which have users predicting the mobile chat applications to be one of the breakout apps of SXSW 2011. The conversation started last week about SXSW breakout apps on Quora which lead to the write on The New York Observer.

Yobongo is separating itself from other chat apps by adding the nearby location option will be an interesting twist and I’m excited to see what other features Yobonog plans to add.

As many question the value of using location-based services a lot users are still asking the question, what am I getting out of it for checking in? A few years ago using your favorite geo app was just a cool tech/geek thing to do but now it’s all about value. Fast forward to 2010 and the tech blogging space is dominated by post about Foursquare vs Gowalla and very few mentions of the other 20+ location-based apps that are working on partnerships to add value to their users.

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Enter Whrrl, is a Seattle based app founded by Pelago. Last week Whrrl launched Society Rewards, a social loyalty program designed to close the gap between a brand’s online social media presence and real-world physical presence. Whrrl also launched a partnership with Murphy USA for a chance to win free gas by just checking in. From the press release:

… Whrrl has teamed with Murphy USA to reward the customers who love
them. When customers check in with Whrrl at one of Murphy USA’s 1,100 locations nationwide,
they will be accepted into the “Murphy USA Society” and earn a chance to immediately win free

Now with a chance to win free gas is it enough to make geo fanboys and others to check-in? In terms of value for check-ins what type of location-based promotion or partnership would you like to be rewarded with?

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Pelago/Whrrl outside of the fact that I’ve met with the owners/team at various tech events and have visited their Seattle based office once

I get the feeling that if you ask many iPhone or iPad users what is there favorite app you’ll hear a range of apps being games or books or entertainment apps. For me it’s simple app called App Notifications (@appnotification on Twitter). So what does App Notifications do? Well, it does a lot but to keep it simple, it pushes custom content to my iPhone and now my iPad in real-time as it’s created/published. The content can range from RSS feeds, email, Twitter searches and more. I first started using App Notifications a few months ago on my iPhone and fell in love with it as it keeps me updated when tech news and other information have been published and in today’s time sensitive world having news pushed to you vs you have to go out and find it can save you some time. Also making you look smart at the same time by being current on what’s happening on the blogosphere. :) But remember you have to set up filters, add your feeds and that App Notifications just delivers the content to your device.

App Notifications is not free and does have subscription model for alerts but depending on your industry it’s worth it as you can also use it as a twitter keyword monitoring app. Hey, good service cost.

Recently App Notifications released App Notifications 2.0 for the iPad and iPhone and it work/looks great.

Here’s the pitch from

What is the purpose of your application?
Push is an iPhone App that acts as a client for the Apple Push Notification Service. We support push from RSS feeds, Google Voice, Facebook, Twitter, Email, 3rd party with a standard API. We even include a REST API. We also support multiple devices syncing if you own more than one iPhone/iPod Touch device.

We also have a full featured website available at (use a desktop browser) where you can read your notifications, change your settings and more.

App Notifications is an iPhone app that acts as a client for the Apple Push Notification Service.
Use our ready-made Twitter, GMail, Google Voice, and RSS notification services to instantly receive new tweets, search results, emails, RSS feeds, or create your own custom notifications with our simple REST API.

If your looking for similar apps, you may want to try Notifo made by NC friend/developer @Jazzychad. Both are great apps either way.

*Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post and they did not ask me to blog about their apps.

What is your favorite iPhone and/or iPad app?

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are we Simler?
The Pitch, a new online community built to connect people with common interests, announces the public beta launch of its service ( Unlike other social networks, which essentially see viewers connecting with the same people from site to site, regardless of their personal connections, Simler is focused on finding similar people through similar interests. Upon signing up, a new user “tags himself/herself” with relevant attributes that describe him/her, and Simler uses these “tags” in order to connect people with similar interests.

Discussion in Simler is used to meet and converse with other users. Users can meet other people that share similar tags, for example, soccer players can find other soccer players on a local and network-wide basis. Users can also find those that have the most in common with them by comparing multiple tags they may share in common. The service focuses on meeting like-minded people while making it amazingly simple to talk to them about the things they have in common.

With an eye for design and an emphasis on usability, Simler strives to make interest-based networking a simple endeavor. Finding other users is quick and painless, and then participating in topic related discussions is just as easy.

“Simler is based on the notion our deepest relationships are built on common ground. Sure, it’s fun to talk to your friends. But it’s even more fun to talk about the things that you like,” said Simler’s founder, Ryan Goodwin. “We believe social media should be smarter, allowing you to not only decide who you would like to hear from, but also what you’d like to hear from them.”

Following a short beat period, the most popular tags on Simler include:

. Video Games (
. Books to Read (
. Felicia Day (
. Design (
. Dexter (

To get started on Simler, head to and add a few tags about your interests. Soon enough, you will be swinging from the trees with similar people who like the same things you do.

My first impressions:
Another startup with a monkey logo: See -> . Seriously though, I like the concept of Simler that it connects people by interests therefore making it easier for  link minded users to have converations.

Will I use it?
Maybe, it does have that “another twitter” appeal to it but it I do see the value of Simler too.

What features do I like?

  • The navigation
  • The sort by tags
  • The comments by tags
  • The tag stats

What features or information would I like to see:
I have not used Simler enough to answer this question.

What does Simler remind me of?

  • Pounce
  • Yahoo meme

If you would like for me to review your product or site please email: pitches at socialwayne dot com .
Disclaimer: I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site.

Have you used Simler before? If so what are your thoughts about the product?

Claim.io_ Claim Your Name & Protect Your Brand on Hundreds of Social Media Sites!

The Pitch*: (formerly ClaimMyName) now injects your brand into 300 of the most popular social media and social networking sites, creating an account on each site, securing your name and/or vanity URL, and embedding your messaging, logo and links into each account.

Why Claim Your Name?
Brand Protection – Claiming your name and other high value keywords on the most popular social networks prevents your brand from being hijacked and helps ensure that you own and control your presence online. Don’t wait until someone else claims your name and its too late.

Brand Exposure – goes beyond protecting your brand. We establish a rich presence on each social network that includes your brand’s messaging, logo and a link back to your primary website. You fill out one form and we take care of the rest.

Search Engine Visibility – Increasing the number of inbound links (other sites that point to your website) is one of the most effective ways to increase your visibility on major search engines. When you claim you name across 300 social networks, each account that we create for you becomes a site that points back to your website.

Claim.io_ Claim Your Name & Protect Your Brand on Hundreds of Social Media Sites!-1
Today is celebrating their product upgrades with a Twitter contest by giving away a Brand Essential Package worth $998. To enter just follow @claimio on Twitter and then tweet: “I want to win a free account!” You have until 11:59 p.m. (EST) tonight (11/19/09) to enter. For full details see: and good luck.

I have no investment in Dandyid or but I’m an affiliate of and their services work.

Twitoaster logo

The Pitch
Twitoaster ( ) – the service threading conversations on Twitter, favorite of New York Times writer David Pogue – is launching its open API on Thursday, October the 8th.

This API will open all Twitoaster’s data and services (conversations threading and archiving, statistics, search…) to third party applications.

This could be a great news for many Twitter app developers, as they’ll find here a very easy way to integrate conversations and statistics in their applications.

Companies looking to manage efficiently their Twitter(s) account(s) could also be interested. For example, it will be quite simple to include their Twitter conversations in their CRM.

For bloggers, a WordPress plugin using the Twitoaster API has also been released ( ). The plugin automatically retrieves Twitter replies to Blog’s posts. These “Twitter comments” are displayed like comments, on the posts pages they are related to.


Being that Twitoaster WordPress plugin was just launched today and I just installed it here on, I wil follow-up with a review in a few weeks but if you ReTweet this post, then you should see how Twitoaster works.

I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site.

Kosmix - Lucky Twit

When it comes to Twitter you can almost use the line, “there’s an app for that” with new mobile, desktop and web based apps launching everyday. Some apps are for analytics, some are for sharing links and some are for picking contest winners using a hashtag. If you’re looking to do the later, then Kosmix’s new web based Twitter is the tool for you. It’s called Lucky Twit

The Pitch:
It’s real simple. Go to Enter your hashtag in the top right and hit the big red button. Want to force people to use a keyword and a hashtag to win? Put both! Then see the tweets flow in.

When you are ready to pick a winner, hit spin and you are good to go. No downloads, and yes, it works with any browser.

Lucky Twit is the first product to be released from Kosmix Labs, and you can find it now at

To see how Lucky Twit works, take a look at my video screencast

My thoughts:
Lucky Twit is simple, fast and all it needs is a “cha-ching” sound to give it a little more flavor, then I’ll call it fun. :). I can see value in using Lucky Twit for Twitter hashtag give-a-ways and I think I’m going to give it a real-time spin at our upcoming Triangle Social Media Club meeting to give-a-away a ticket to an upcoming social media conference.


I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site.