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As many of you know tweeting a blog article or sharing a blog article among social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, friendfeed and GoogleBuzz are a great way to reach new visitors. But what if you want your readers to share a post without leaving your blog or just tweet a blog article and keep reading your other post. If so you may want to try a few of the options below. Here’s 4 new ways to integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog to increase vistor engagement.

1. Like it? Tweet it! plugin
Like it? Tweet it!

“Like it? Tweet it!” is a jQuery-powered JavaScript widget that enables visitors to your website or blog to write a tweet about the site directly in a box displayed in the corner of the website, with a link to the site already embedded in the input field.

2.BackTweets Plugin: Display the best tweets that link to your posts (ok, not that new)
BackTweets Plugin for WordPress — BackType

3. Blackbird Pie: Create a generate static HTML of tweets for your posts
Blackbird Pie – Twitter Media

4. Add Twitter Anywhere
Welcome to @Anywhere |

Embed a Tweet Box on your site and help your users share what matters to them.

Happy blogging and tweeting!

Over the past few months a lot of news about how the social web is growing up / changing right before our computer screens has been about social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and the  online video war between HTML 5 vs Flash vs Apple vs Adobe as a video experience for users. Not to be left out in the cold earlier this year Google launched Google Buzz with somewhat of a warm yet controversial welcome due to email privacy and public contacts concerns.  Since then the little search engine giant that could, Google has announced a few updates for their line of products. In case you missed any of the Google news, here’s a list of recent announcements made by Google not in any particular order.

1. Google launches Google Analytics Application Gallery, “Google Analytics releases 38 features…”

It’s only been a year since we launched the Google Analytics Data Export API and developer programs. To celebrate we are highlighting some of the exciting solutions that extend Google Analytics in our new Google Analytics Application Gallery!

2. Google launches “New Place Pages for mobile phones”

Last fall, we launched Place Pages which organize relevant and useful information about places on Google Maps. Since then we’ve been developing a version, available now, which gives you access to the same useful information optimized for your mobile phone.

3. Google updates search page and results for mobile phones “Google’s new look for mobile”

When it comes to mobile search, we strive to not only give you the same comprehensiveness and relevance as when searching with Google on your computer, but also a consistent look, feel, and overall user experience. So today, as we roll out a new look for Google Search results on your computer, we are happy to announce similar changes to Google Search results for mobile.

google mobile search

4. Google launches, Google Reader Play: “And now for something completely different”

In Google Reader Play, items are presented one at a time, and each item is big and full-screen. After you’ve read an item, just click the next arrow to move to the next one, or click any item on the filmstrip below to fast-forward. Of course, you can click the title or image of any item to go to the original version. And since so much of the good stuff online is visual, we automatically enlarge images and auto-play videos full-screen.

5. Google Wave updates: “Embed sites in waves with the Iframe Gadget”

Right now, there are a handful of Google Wave gadgets designed to help you bring information from other sites into a wave and interact with that content collaboratively. It will be a wonderful day when every website can be wave-ified inside a Google Wave gadget, but until then, I want to share a simple method for embedding arbitrary webpages inside a wave- a new third party extension called the Iframe Gadget. When you insert this gadget, you (and anyone else in the wave) can specify the URL of a webpage, and the gadget will render that site right inside the wave. It works best with webpages that provide an embed code, like Google Maps, and fill all the available screen space.

Google Wave Blog

6. Google launches Google Dashboard, “Happy half-birthday Dashboard! Six months in and 100,000 users a day”

Since we’re celebrating our very first half-birthday, we thought it was the ideal time to update you on how things are going. On average, around 100,000 unique visitors a day check out their Dashboard, 85 percent for the first time. Since launch, we’ve worked to grow Dashboard, adding a number of other Google products including Sites, Maps, Books, Webmaster Tools, Buzz, Goggles, Sidewiki and Analytics. We’re still working on adding other products to the tool and are talking with users about new ways to improve the functionality moving forward.

7. Google search updates: “A spring metamorphosis — Google’s new look”

We’ve added contextually relevant, left-hand navigation to the page. This new side panel highlights the most relevant search tools and refinements for your query. Over the past three years, we’ve launched Universal Search, the Search Options panel and Google Squared, and it’s those three technologies that power the left-hand panel.

Any other news recent news from Google I miss?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Google mailed out some Google Adsense Valentine’s Day cards. Aww sweet.

One of the messages on the card says, “Because nothing says I love you like free traffic like free traffic to your website.” The card also have an offer for $100 free Google Adwords and the other message says, “We want to overload your servers.” Take a look.

Thanks Google, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the AdWords team too.

It’s the first day back to work in 2010 for most of the world and I’m sure you have already seen plenty of blog post already on new year resolutions and more, but this is not one of them. On January 1st I tweeted “1 of my major goals for 2010 is to produce better content which included blog post, videos & podcast that leads to business & new relationships. Also not included in the tweet is to “engage” more with industry colleagues and potential clients through commenting and offline networking events.

Twitter / Wayne Sutton: 1 of my major goals for 20 ...

My primary content channels are:
Twitter: @WayneSutton
iTunes Podcast: SocialWayne [itunes link]
Video Show: WayneSutton.TV

As the web is now social, standing out and separating yourself from the rest of the “pack” will be challenging in 2010 but very doable. It seems like everyone is reading the same blogs and retweeting the same people therefor creating a huge echo chamber. By setting content goals and creating content strategies you can measure your results and start using your content for lead generation sales and networking opportunities.

Have you set your business content goals for 2010 or worked on a content strategy for your company or clients?

Have a successful 2010.

iPhone App news, reviews and videos

Back in June of 2007 I had this grand idea of launching an iPhone blog called The RTP part was for Research Triangle Park, NC. Meaning the blog was going to be about iPhone users and apps from the area, along with general iPhone and iPhone app news. Since the launched of the iPhone I have published over 255 post and have covered various local Apple events such the original iPhone launch in 2007, along with the iPhone 3Gs launch in 2009. Other blog entries included featuring iPhone wallpapers, tips and iPhone app video reviews.

For the readers of I want to say thank you for your support but do to other projects, working at Twine Interactive and launching TriOut with @LawPower my time is very limited. Plus there’s tons of iPhone blogs and it seems like everyone is talking about the app store and covering niche apps on most gadget blogs. I’ll still cover iPhone news and apps here on from time to time and will redirect the url to this post.

If you would like for me to review your iPhone app please email: pitches at socialwayne dot com .

2007 1st Generation iPhone launch at the Apple Store Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC

2009 iPhone 3G S launch at the Apple Store Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC

Binary Game for the iPhone screencast video review

social media words

Usually on weekends I’m going through my email and trying to reach inbox zero before Monday morning but last night I decided needed a few updates. My primarily goals of updating was to make it faster, remove WordPress plugins I didn’t need and add social engagement. While adding a few social engagement features I may not have reached my goal of speeding up the load time but I’m hoping WP Super Cache will handle the rest. Either way, here’s what I done to to make it more social.

1. Wibiya toolbar
Twitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social Web

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars.

2. Added Follow Me Plugin
A floating tab on the right that says Follow me that links to my Twitter profile.

3. Added/Changed Facebook Share Count Plugin
Introducing the FB Share Button WordPress Plugin for Facebook Share | Stay N' Alive
I had another Facebook Share Count plugin installed but I switched to the one created by Jess Stay

4. Updated: Easy ReTweet WordPress Plugin
Introducing the FB Share Button WordPress Plugin for Facebook Share | Stay N' Alive
I still have Topsy and Tweetmeme plugins installed and actived but I’m not displaying them.

5. Added Facebook Connect Comments
Twitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social Web
Sadly my blog theme doesn’t support Disqus therefore I’m using BackType and Facebook to for social comments.

6. Added ShareThis Plugin
Twitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social Web
I was using the Sexy Bookmarks Plugin but I can add google analytics to ShareThis therefore I’m making the switch.

7. Added Find Me On plugin
Twitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social Web
You know what to do.

8. Added Google Friend Connect Gadgets
Twitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social WebTwitter List: 5 tools & 5 must read Twitter list blog post and resources | Social Wayne on the Social Web
If you look to your right on the sidebar you’ll see two new gadgets from Google Friend Connect. One always you to leave a comment about the blog or you could post topics that you would like for me to cover and the other is a poll widget. Speaking of the poll, if you have a moment, login and vote. I’m using the feedback for an upcoming blog post.

There are a few more things I’ve done to and I’ll blog more about the Facebook Share plugins in the next few days. Let me know what you think about the changes and have a great week.

Richard Jalichandra CEO of technorati

BlogWorld Notes: State of the Blogosphere keynote by Richard Jalichandra @jalichandra @blogworld #bwe09
Keynote link:

The state of the blogosphere is strong
The blogosphere is not dying or leveling off but thriving
Blogging is becoming mainstream
Mainstream is using blogging platforms and writing style
Blogs are media

Professional bloggers are keeping the blogosphere strong

Hobbyist – 72%
Professionals 28%
Professional Self-Employed
Professional Corporate
blog full-time for a company

Who are the professional bloggers?
2/3 male
60% 18-44
More affluent and educated than the general population hobbyist bloggers
2 out 3 blogging more than 2 years
Average of 4 blogs
17% say blogging is their primary source of income

Professional are even more prolific in 2009
Main stream media says bloggers are unprofessional,

Why are people blogging more:
Enjoy interacting with audience
interacting with other bloggers
valuable for promoting business
enjoy the attention

Professional bloggers and mainstream media
40% of bloggers have worked with traditional media
27% are still employed by traditional media
73 agree blogs are taken more serious
more agree newspapers won’t be around

73% of bloggers use twitter
All bloggers #1 use of Twitter is to promote their blogs
Share links
understand what people are buzzing about
interact with readers

Style & Tone:
Hobbyist Personal, Professional Topical

Professional invest more time & resources
24-32% blog 10+ hours a week
10% blog 40+ hours
Pros invest 7x more money
The top 5,000 generate 100x more post
Professional are using tools:
a. commenting
b. search
c. trackbacks
To drive traffic
a. technorati
b. google
c. paid ads

The upside of bloggging
Success metrics
a. unquie and page views

Pros’ the benefits of credibility
a. 71% have greater visibility in their industry
b. 63% clients have purchased
c. company now a thought leader
d. asked to speak

Monetization and Revenue
Professional bloggers monetize their blogs via

a. 40% display ads
b. search ads
c. affiliate links
d. paid postings
e. self-employed bloggers are likely to sell their inventory through a blog ad network
f. 2 out of 3 part-time bloggers use self-serve ad platforms

Brands and the blogosphere
a. 70% of bloggers blog about brands

Professionals plan for the future :
Expansion and brand extension
a. blog more frequently
b. expand the topics that I blog about
c. Publish a book
d. speaking opportunities

Advice from the pros
a. Be Passionate

So…..How Many bloggers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

On Monday morning Technorati will start posting the State of the Blogosphere on