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SXSW Interactive 2015 will be held from March 13-17th and I’m excited to speaking on the topic “Why Black Leaders Matter in Technology“. This will be my seventh time speaking at SXSW in the last eight years. The session will be held on Saturday, March 14th at 9:30am. Yes, that means don’t party to hard on Friday night.

If the title looks familiar, that’s because the talk is inspired from my USA Today article I wrote with the same title, “Wayne Sutton: Why black leaders matter in technology“.

Below is the full session description:

The Why Black Leaders Matter in Technology SXSW session will focus on the roles, responsibilities and impact that takes place when you merge of the worlds of entrepreneurship, culture, diversity, leadership and innovation. Sparked from the USA Today article on “Why black leaders matter in technology” ( ). The session will focus on solutions and research from successful Black leaders in various tech industries to provide an outline for all communities. The Why Black Leaders Matter session is an inclusive session for all diverse communities to discuss the role of African-Americans in tech.

The goal for the session is not only to discuss the “why” but cover the who and how can all communities support inclusion and create more leaders in today’s society.

If you’re attending SXSW, login to and bookmark the session and I’m looking forward to speaking, connecting with new and old friends, along with and answering any questions about the topic as well.

See you in Austin!

Product Hunt Podcast with @StartupLJackson on Startups, Culture and Diversity

Tracy Chou from Pinterest, and Chris Granger and Jamie Brandon from Eve, discuss whether coding is a literacy (or as Granger puts it, a “superpower” ). But as software infuses every industry and much of our lives, do we all really need to start writing code? Or is a less hands-on approach — educating ourselves about what software can (and can’t) do, and the basic architecture behind its creation — the most useful way to gain software literacy for most people?