Women Entrepreneurs at Work #Infographic

December 15, 2012

via projecteve Original post from Women @ Work – Sound Bites, Statistics of Women Who Lead [Infographic] UNC Blog

Some of the data from the infograph:

40% of large public companies worldwide have no women on their board of directors
Only between 3% and 5% of women-owned business receive venture capital
Just 10% of venture-funded startups are women-owned
only 10% of venture captilsit are women

Only 3-5% of all women-owned businesses receive VC
Male-owned business receive 95% of VC money awarded

Female entrepreneurs begins ith about 1/8 of the fusing of male-owned ventures.
Women-operatedd, venture-backed companies have 12% higher revenuers
Companies with more equalized gender distribution in the upper echelons garnered 30% better results from IPOs

Source = UNC Kean-Flagler Business School

Wayne Sutton

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