Black In America 4 – Silicon Valley – The New Promised Land – Promo Picture & Video Released

October 21, 2011 — 7 Comments

Last week while I traveling CNN released a new promo picture for the upcoming Black In America series. TheBlack In America 4 subtitle is called “Silicon Valley – The New Promised Land” and tells the story of the NewMe Accelerator participates who lived in Silicon Valley this past summer. The promo picture features the eight founders who lived in the house which includes Anthony Frasier of Playd, Hank Williams of KloudCo, Angela Benton of Cued/NewMe Accelerator, Hajj E. Flemings of gokit, Crisson Jno-Charles of Fetchmob, Tiffani Ashley Bell of Pencil You In, Pius Uzamere of becouply and myself(Vouch/NewMe Accelerator) with Soledad O’Brien in the middle. Take a look.

CNN only covered the eight startup founders in the house and not all of the startups founders in the NewMe Accelerator. That was their choice not ours. The other startup founders were Chris Bennett of, Curtiss Pope of aislefinder and David Adewum of OneSchool. There are a few Black In America 4 promo videos running on CNN currently like the one of me below.

A lot of people are asking if I’m excited about being in the upcoming Black In America 4 documentary. My response is a little but I’m more nervous than excited. Especially after reading the post called TechStars, Lies & Videotape about the TechStars Bloomberg TV show. Either way exciting times are ahead and Black In America 4 with Soledad O’Brien airs November 13 on CNN.

Wayne Sutton

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Wayne Sutton is a serial entrepreneur and general partner at Wayne has over 14 years experience in technology, design and business development. Wayne was recently recognized as one of the Silicon Valley 100 coolest people in tech, one of the 52 hottest new stars in Silicon Valley, one of the 46 Most Important African-Americans In Technology by Business Insider and one of the Top 100 most influential black people on social media in 2014.

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7 responses to Black In America 4 – Silicon Valley – The New Promised Land – Promo Picture & Video Released

  1. Wow, Wayne. That’s impressive. You WILL change the world. :) I’ll be watching!

  2. Congrats Wayne! I’ll be watching!

  3. Excellent job, Wayne! Can’t wait to see the full show when it airs in November.

  4. If they somehow edit it poorly? Then those of us who know how awesome you are will have to work harder to dispel the negative myths – but I am fairly confident that it will be difficult for anyone to make you look less than amazing my friend.

    In the 4 years since I’ve known you, you have done incredible things that I know you will continue to surpass with your future successes.

    I do get the “worried about the final product.” But just as you and I would never knowingly distort the information someone gave us in an interview for our blogs? There are journalists in mainstream media who maintain a level of integrity in their coverage rather than simply trying to ‘get the gotcha statement’ for entertainment’s sake.

    I’m betting that this special will be more akin to the latter type of coverage than the type in the Techstars, Lies & Videotape. 

  5. Wow, how awesome is this Wayne! Congratulations, can’t wait to watch it.

  6. Wayne, im excited for you and the crew on this awesome coverage. You have made a huge impact in the digital age and its folks like you that have been an inspiration. keep up the honest hustle and ill be tuned in come the 13th

  7. Wow, congrats Wayne! I didn’t realize Pius (another former coworker) was involved, too — small world! I’ll miss the show but hopefully can catch a rerun sometime.

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