How to pick a twitter hashtag winner with Lucky Twit: Video screencast

October 6, 2009

Kosmix - Lucky Twit

When it comes to Twitter you can almost use the line, “there’s an app for that” with new mobile, desktop and web based apps launching everyday. Some apps are for analytics, some are for sharing links and some are for picking contest winners using a hashtag. If you’re looking to do the later, then Kosmix’s new web based Twitter is the tool for you. It’s called Lucky Twit

The Pitch:
It’s real simple. Go to Enter your hashtag in the top right and hit the big red button. Want to force people to use a keyword and a hashtag to win? Put both! Then see the tweets flow in.

When you are ready to pick a winner, hit spin and you are good to go. No downloads, and yes, it works with any browser.

Lucky Twit is the first product to be released from Kosmix Labs, and you can find it now at

To see how Lucky Twit works, take a look at my video screencast

My thoughts:
Lucky Twit is simple, fast and all it needs is a “cha-ching” sound to give it a little more flavor, then I’ll call it fun. :). I can see value in using Lucky Twit for Twitter hashtag give-a-ways and I think I’m going to give it a real-time spin at our upcoming Triangle Social Media Club meeting to give-a-away a ticket to an upcoming social media conference.


I have no investment or relationship with the creators of this site.


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