What happen when I tried to register my facebook.com/username?

June 13, 2009

So I was live streaming registering for my facebook.com/username and this is what happen from the one minute until 12:01 mark.

In the mean time, facebook.com/sexyman has been taken. Oh someone really wanted that.

Also @TarheelEvan create a group called: Give Wayne Sutton His Facebook Username and my wife facebook.com/latoyamacksutton got hers. It looks @skydiver is have some trouble too getting the name he requested.

Come on Facebook guys, I know who you are… help a friend out.

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Update: I did reserved my name as a trademark with facebook a few days ago and I think that’s the reason I can’t reserve my name tonight. “I think” , we’ll see.

Update #2: I received an email from Facebook at 2:00 A.M. saying “Thank you for submitting your trademark term(s). We’ve seen a large number of submissions and over the next few weeks we expect we’ll introduce a process for trademark owners to request the use of their restricted terms. We appreciate your patience in the interim and will be in touch soon.”

This is great news but I talked to another facebook user who did the same thing and he was able to register his name and it would have been nice if I received the email a day or three hours earlier. But still Facebook.com/waynesutton will be registered soon. I hope. To be continued …

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